KNOW YOUR LAWS: Report of suspected cases of abuse

KNOW YOUR LAWS: Report of suspected cases of abuse


PRESS RELEASE – “Know you laws” is a production of the Press Office of the Royal St Lucia Police Force.

Did you know? According to Section to section 119 of the Criminal Code of Saint Lucia 2008


-A person who is in a position of trust or authority towards a young person, who in the course of his or her duty becomes aware of any act of abuse committed against that young person shall as soon as is practicable make a written report of the case to any police officer, or to the Government department responsible for social services.

-A person mentioned in subsection (1) who without reasonable cause fails or refuses to make such report to the police officer commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $1,000.

-No civil action shall be brought against a person mentioned in subsection (1) in respect of a report made under that subsection in good faith for the purpose of complying with that subsection.

-In this section “abuse” means an unlawful sexual intercourse or connection with a young person in terms of Sub-Part C (Sexual Offences) or unlawful use of force on a young person.

-In this section “person who is in a position of trust or authority” includes a parent, guardian, teacher, medical practitioner, social worker, drivers of school buses or any other person having charge of a young person.

This has been “Know Your Laws”. We at the Royal Saint Lucia Police force encourage the citizenry to read and study the laws which governs our society. Never forget that knowledge is power.


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