KM2 Solutions joins the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition

KM2 Solutions joins the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition
David Kreiss - KM² Solutions CEO
David Kreiss – KM² Solutions CEO

(PRESS RELEASE) — KM2 Solutions is proud to announce that it has joined the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC).

The GISC is a global network of businesses creating jobs for those most in need through the power of procurement and global supply chains. It is a coalition that recognizes inclusive employment practices creating access to opportunities in disadvantaged communities and regions.

Impact Sourcing is a business practice whereby companies prioritize suppliers that hire and provide career development opportunities to people who otherwise have limited prospects for formal employment, such as those who were previously long-term unemployed or living under the national poverty line.

“The GISC envisions a world in which all people have the opportunity to obtain productive employment and decent work,” says Sara Enright, Project Director of the GISC, “We are excited to welcome KM² to the GISC and commend their efforts to advance inclusive employment opportunities across the Americas.”

Through participating in GISC, KM2 Solutions will promote and advance wide-scale adoption of Impact Sourcing while sharing its own best practices with coalition members.

All GISC provider member companies are encouraged to adhere to the Impact Sourcing Standard which is the first globally recognized standard for the business practice of Impact Sourcing. It defines the minimum requirements and voluntary best practices for providers of business products and services to demonstrate their commitment to inclusive employment.

The GISC has also been developing guidance to help companies define, measure, and continually improve the outcomes that Impact Sourcing initiatives achieve for workers, their households, and communities. The end goal is to create access to opportunities that enable better lives for employees while delivering better performance for clients.

KM2 Solutions firmly believes that the right to have a decent job should be universal. As a company, KM2 has been conducting inclusive and ethical hiring practices since its inception.

“KM2 operates in many countries where citizens have limited access to gainful employment and we have been able to create over 4,000 permanent jobs in these populations,” says President and CEO, David Kreiss, “Not only does KM2 provide meaningful career opportunities in these locations, but we also invest heavily into the development of knowledge training and community improvement plans through our KM2 Cares program.”

The GISC resources, including the Impact Sourcing Standard and guidance on defining and tracking social impact, now helps put these initiatives into a measurable and actionable framework. Globally, GISC members have committed to hire 100,000 impact workers by the end of 2020. KM2 Solutions plans to make a significant contribution to that commitment.

About KM² Solutions

KM² Solutions operates contact centers throughout the Caribbean and Latin America including Barbados, Grenada, Saint Lucia, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Colombia. KM2 offers services to companies within the retail, healthcare, technology, finance, telecommunication, hospitality, and utility sectors. The company provides clients with a host of different solutions including customer service, receivables management, technical support, sales and marketing, data analytics, and back office processing. KM² also maintains regulatory compliance with many different industry standards including HIPAA, FDCPA, PCI DSS, SOC 2, TCPA, and FCRA.


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