Kittitian studying in Taiwan writes book on ‘Being Black in Asia’

Kittitian studying in Taiwan writes book on ‘Being Black in Asia’
Writer- Miguel S. Flemming
Writer- Miguel S. Flemming

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – A young Kittitian, 28-year-old Miguel Flemming, who is currently studying in Taiwan has written and recently published a book on experiences living in the Asian nation.

Flemming said that his book titled ‘Being Black in Asia’ was written to show how important it is to understand the way other cultures live, and the importance of teaching people about who you are and where you come from.

“Not understanding certain cultures, their gestures, actions and words can result in many conflicts and misunderstandings,” writer Miguel highlighted, adding; “Communicating with and understanding each other are most important.”

He further stated that he hopes that his book would be an aid for others to learn how to show compassion and truly care about one another irrespective of skin tone, hair, or dialect. What we think of others and the way we act towards them, should always reflect the same manner we would want them to act towards us. Once this is done, then we can truly say that we have done our part in making the world a better place to live.

As one would expect, being black in Asia comes with many challenges due to many obvious differences. Some out of curiosity and others out of sheer ignorance, however, it all comes down to how one deals with it.

“I felt like the only way to respond without facing severe consequences was to write a book to talk about my experience of being black in Asia,” Miguel said.

He added that he didn’t write his book to say, “Do not come to Asia”, but at least others won’t be caught off-guard and will know what to expect because of being different, ‘Being Black in Asia.’

Some topics that readers can find in the book are ‘Where did you come from?’ ,‘Stares, Laughter and Losing Face’, ‘Learning in Taiwan as Foreigner’, ‘Teaching English to Asians’, ‘Dating in Asia’, ‘Embracing Everyone’, among others.

Writer Miguel Flemming is expressing thanks in advance to everyone for the support. Both eBook and Paperback are available on Amazon and the eBook on lulu.

For more information or questions please contact Miguel Flemming via email [email protected]


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