Kitchen space dispute led to conviction of Ninja Man and co-accused

Kitchen space dispute led to conviction of Ninja Man and co-accused

(JAMAICA STAR) – A dispute over kitchen space involving two tenants at a premises at Lower Mall Road was at the heart of the incident that led to Ninja Man and his two co-accused being convicted of murder.

“One of the tenants was an old lady, and she made a report to her granddaughter, who was the babymother of Dennis Clayton, one of the accused,” the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Paula Llewellyn, said.

She noted that Clayton along went to the yard and March 16, 2009 and spoke to Witness A (who will not be named), who was the landlord of the tenant.

“There was a quarrel between Witness A and Mr Clayton. They got into a physical fight and Mr Clayton won the fight. Mr Clayton said, ‘I am going to go for a gun and shoot yuh,” the DPP added.

Argument developed

At 8 o’clock, the following morning, Clayton and a fourth suspect, who is now deceased, returned to the yard where Ricardo Johnson, who lived a few houses up the road, came to visit his friend, Witness A. Another argument developed, and then Clayton and the other man left.

The DPP said Ricardo Johnson and Witness A later went to Johnson’s home.

“While they were there a motor car drove up, and in that car was is Janeil Ballentyne and Desmond Ballentyne, and Mr Dennis Clayton. According to the evidence, Desmond Ballentyne issued threatening statements to Witness A and Ricardo Johnson,” she said.

Later that morning a group of men, including Clayton, armed with boards and bats, came on to Lower Mall Road, approached Witness A and Ricardo Johnson, who ran in different directions.

“According Witness A, Desmond Ballentyne shot at him,” she said.

Llewellyn added that Witness A ran to the back of the house, where he also saw Johnson. They both went through a fence. Armed with a cutlass, Johnson was pushing against the fence to stop others from coming through it, when he was shot.


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