Kirk Maraj wins latest cycling challenge

Kirk Maraj wins latest cycling challenge
Kurt and Kirk Maraj with Winston Williams of Excellers.
Kurt and Kirk Maraj with Winston Williams of Excellers.

PRESS RELEASE – The latest race staged by the Saint Lucia National Cycling Association was held on Sunday. The 100km road race in the open / Elite division and 75km for the Juveniles started at 8am.

The race got underway at the Shell service station in Bexon, travelling to the bottom of the Barre de l’Isle, turning back towards Castries until the Millenium Highway, turning at the National Hospital Complex roundabout and returning to the start in Bexon, completing a 25km circuit.

The open division completed four laps and the Juveniles three.

Although the national team from St Vincent and the Grenadines was expected to participate as their cyclists work torwards competing at the Elite and Junior Caribbean Cycling Championships, they did not in fact end up going head to head with their Saint Lucian counterparts on this occasion.

After consecutive wins in the National Lotteries Community Series for Kurt Maraj in Mon Repos and Dennery, his twin brother Kirk emerged victorious this time.

Kirk broke at the 25km mark and never looked back as a disorganized chase ensued. He maintained a healthy lead to win in 2 hours, 57 minutes, 38.84 seconds, averaging 33.78 km/hr, and finishing 15 minutes and 22 seconds ahead of his twin brother who won the bunch sprint for second place.

Meanwhile, Dave Charlery of Mon Repos rode to an emphatic victory in the Juvenile division being the only youngster to stay with the senior riders, and completing the 75km distance in 2 hours, 21 minutes, 20 seconds, averaging 28.99 km/hr, and finishing 14 minutes, 11 seconds ahead of Kluivert Mitchel also of Mon Repos who came in second.


RESULTS – Open (100km)


1st          Kirk Maraj           2:57:38.84

2nd        Kirk Maraj           -15:22

3rd         Fidel Esnard        -15:23

4th         Winston Williams             -15:29

5th         Kenneth Mathurin          -15:29


RESULTS – Juveniles (75km)


1st          Dave Charlery    2:21:5.20

2nd        Kluivert Mitchel                -14:11

3rd         Janick Paul          -15:24

4th         Calixte Williams                 -30:23

5th         Romueous Noel               -39:47

6th         Olivia Descartes                -47:04 (only female in the event)


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