King to contest next general elections with UWP

King to contest next general elections with UWP
Minister Stephenson King.
Former Prime Minister Stephenson King.
Former Prime Minister Stephenson King.

Former Prime Minister Stephenson King has confirmed his participation in the next general elections, despite rumours that he was not interested in contesting again.

King was reported in the media as saying that he will definitely be contesting the next general elections with the United Workers Party (UWP) and the party is aware of this position.

King who is the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for Castries North had been endorsed by the UWP as its candidate again, and had committed to continue serving his constituents.

The former leader of the UWP admits that there is speculation about his political future ever since the confusion in the UWP, but King said he is still a member and will continue to serve.

At the last UWP convention, King stormed out of the meeting after he was verbally attacked by Senator Mary Isaac, who said there is no serving Prime Minister who sits as an ordinary Member of Parliament.

King told the media that he believes that Isaac’s statement was directed at him. He said it was divisive and defensive, and believes it was meant to cause further division within the UWP.


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  1. You see and this is the 1/2 the damn problem with these guys.Come on man just walk away,you run out of ideas you and the rest of the veterans.Give the younger generation a try.


  2. You see Mr. King, just listen and take my humble advise. You must
    stoop to conquer and show a little humility, and do not forget to pray.
    You are a good man but don't allow anyone to whisper sweet nothings
    in your ear. Be your self, demand respect and stay in the pack and people
    will respect you for that. As a member of the SDA, I salute you Sir, God bless.


  3. King really hasnt got any shame.... dont you get the fact that they dont want you in the party?
    Take a back seat and get over yourself..... if u didnt like chasnet before .... what would make you like him now? You clearly are hungry for power and have no other alternative for living.... the ppl dont want u in their party.......Take a hint!!!!


  4. King has woken up after a dep slumber. He should feel ashamed how he left the business of his constituents behind because of issues he claims he had with Chastanet. When he ran in 2011 he ran under a UWP ticket. The people and not Chastanet voted him as an MP. Therefore his obligations are to his constituents and party. You serve under whoever is duly elected Mr. King. Personal issues must be dealt with appropriately and not at the expense of constituents and party.

    Nuff said. So now he will face the test of sincererity but he can make it if he tries hard enough


  5. Mango long flambeau:

    There is something they call individual democratic rights. This principle is the mainstay of all democratic societies. I will go as far as to say if you look hard enough will even find it in societies not coming under the banner of democratic. If it was enshrined in cast iron that everyone must support in all circumstances then you wouldn't have those with different politics in a party.

    It is not too long ago this fact was played out in the British parliament. The shadow Foreign Secretary Hillary Ben did not only voted against the position of the Leader - Jeremy Corbyn - of the British Labour Party on the question of whether the UK should bomb Syria or not, but he also outline his position in a speech in parliament which many see as a challenge for the Leadership of the party.

    So Mango long flambeau allow the principles of every to flourish whether it be to your advantage as when Golden challenged the Leadership of King or when the princess of Darkness publicly humiliated him (King).


  6. Both you are Spider should hang your slippers cause none of you should be given a chance to run again.
    The UWP needs fresh blood and not a bunch of alleged opportunist who as election is coming pretending to
    have buried the hatched.

    If you could not accept Mr Chastanet as your leader for the last 3 years you will never accept him if given a chance to serve in government.

    Mr Chastanet must and the UWP must do the right thing and allow the dead to bury the dead. Good bye,


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