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King says Chastanet has much to offer St. Lucia, but questions his intentions


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Stephenson King 

Former opposition leader Stephenson King has described United Workers Party Leader Allen Chastanet as a talented individual who has much to offer the country, particularly in the field of tourism.

He said that Chastanet was brought into the party by Sir John Compton based on this potential. In that same bid, King indicated that sometimes, when persons come into politics with one intention, they later see other options, and could change these intentions.

King described politicians in three categories; those who are there to serve the people, those there for power, and the others for favors.

The former prime minister spoke of tensions between him and Chastanet, pointing out that the first of it began ahead of the party’s 37th annual convention on July 28, 2013 when Chastanet had reportedly gone to the media and announced that he intended to challenge King for the leadership of the party without first informing King, the then leader of the UWP, of it.

King said he was displeased that Chastanet had not first communicated to him his intended to run for leadership. He further point out that this was the same courtesy which Chastanet had recently wanted King to extend to him, before attending a meeting with Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony to discuss the Christmas Eve trough.

Chastanet, in a letter, had reprimanded King for deciding to agree to attend the meeting without consulting with him.

Chastanet took over the leadership of the party after defeating King, , 264-99, at the party’s national convention last year.

Since the elections, party factions loyal to Chastanet and King have not been seeing eye to eye.

Things came to a head recently when reports surfaced of a power struggle in the party after the letter from Chastanet to King on the trough meeting conflict was leaked to the public.

King made these comments during a live Creole show on Real FM on Thursday morning.

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  1. it is a civil war within the UWP party.

  2. King you and Vaughn Fired Marcus Nicholas from the party for the same thing you did. You seems to forget. Richard is one of the main reasons you lost the elections. Kenny have you bye your balls.

  3. Ungreatful bastards

    I don't understand why the former PM would give Chastanet so much praise???? Listern, Steve, the man have nothing to offer the country except a big ego!!

  4. Is this karma? Mrs Comptom stated they would fall on e by one and that seems to be coming home now.You should never hv treated Sir John that say.

  5. They all snakes hungry for power if they had won elections they would not have treated king so. Guy, eziekel, bob, Darnley, chastanet etc all snakes

  6. Now after expressing such sentiments about the man did he have to come in like a wrecking ball and now apparently steamrolling non-aligned party members? Absolutely not. I think too much was made of the meeting King was invited to and attended in the wake of the trough system without blessing of the party. Instead, I would simply have asked King to provide a "trip report" to party executives. That's all.

  7. Allen Chastanet on November 13, 2011 and apparently Kin's birthday:

    Birthday blessings to our Honourable Prime Minister Stephenson King. We congratulate you on the amazing job you are doing to lead our country. I am inspired by your selfless leadership during the past three decades in political life in Saint Lucia - to this day, you continue to put country before self. I wish you continued success and abundant blessings. Yours in service, Allen

  8. Remember the SLP infighting soon after independence, and the UWP won? Kenny is laughing at you fools and LPM is still braying on the side. Politics...the eighth deadly sin, an evil vice.

  9. I disagree with the way king was treated but remember king did Janine Compton the same thing they doing to him with Rigaburt during election time so he let the rotten nails in UWP funiture coming in with pol bois an now they eating his wood

  10. Much to offer the country particularly in tourism????? I beg to differ mr. King, a six digit telephone bill? A failed boxing in paradise? A failed food and rum festival? Hmmm shud I go on.? You, on the other hand, still have a lot to offer st. Lucia and u r a great politician and 'peoples' servant.' Be patient (as I know u can b), time marches on......... .


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