King requests sit-down with UWP Leader Allen Chastanet

King requests sit-down with UWP Leader Allen Chastanet
Stephenson King
Stephenson King
Stephenson King

Former Prime Minister and Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Stephenson King has requested a sit-down with incumbent leader of the UWP Allen Chastanet.

The meeting is aimed at discussing a number of issues facing the party, and to look at addressing the rift that currently exists between members of that party.

King’s request came about as a response of the many concerns raised by a number of aggrieved members of the UWP, who suggested that he lead the discussions on their behalf.

A correspondence was dispatched on Wednesday to the UWP political leader by King, requesting that the meeting takes place today, Thursday, October 5, 2015.

King told HTS News Force that it is his hope that the meeting will focus on coming up with a strategy that will help all parties, to arrive at some resolution to deal with the current turmoil within the UWP.

“We are very much concerned by what is taking place. It is heart-wrenching to see on a daily basis, members of party whether executive members, or delegates, or ordinary members expressing their concern and of course disenchantment with what is taking place currently in the organisation,” he added.

The former UWP leader said there were previous attempts made to hold peace talks with the executive, but this has proven unsuccessful. Nevertheless, King said he remains optimistic that Chastanet will see it fit to agree to have the meeting, so that the issues can be discussed and addressed once and for all.

“If you believe that the convention will deal with the removal of Allen Chastanet I don’t believe so. I believe there are other issues. We must be able to sit down to analyze and diagnose those issues. What are the problems in the organisation?” King remarked.

The Castries North Member of Parliament also said that despite there have been talks about different structures and systems being put in place, none of this seems to have worked, because two and a half years have passed and the UWP still have issues that have not yet been addressed.

He also stated that there are persons who believe that Chastanet cannot lead the party into an election, while others believe he cannot lead the UWP to victory at the polls. Then there are others who believe what is needed at this time, is for some sort of reconciliation in an effort to move the UWP forward.

“Stephenson King doesn’t have the answer alone. It has to a collected effort bringing all the forces together and then emerge with some kind of resolution that will bring about the chemistry to move the party in the direction that is needed before the convention and election,” he added.

Apart from King, other senior members who have publicly criticised the party, plans to attend the sit-down with Chastanet. These persons include: Dr. Claudius Preville, Dr. Keith Mondesir, Mary Polius, Lenard Montoute and Rufus Bousquet, among others.

When contacted today, Chastanet said he received the correspondence from King on Wednesday afternoon. However, he will most likely not be able to organize the meeting for today (Thursday) as requested, since he is scheduled to leave the island for overseas travel.

Asked further whether he will decide to have the meeting once he is back on island, Chastanet said he plans to have a meeting with the executive this morning to discuss the request and based on the outcome of that meeting, and all parties will be informed of the decision.

The party is scheduled to host its Annual General Convention on November 15.


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  1. This is a farce and a gimmick. There have been several attempts for reconciliation including the times when people were brought in from overseas to get the fences mended. The idiots realize Chastanet has solid support so they panicking. How many of you know that when King was nominated the delegates booed him?
    The party is solid and moving forward. That is what bothers them!!


  2. Stephenson King has to be the sorriest most unqualified politician ever! Does he think that Chastanet will ever allow him an ounce of power within the party? Like Chastanet will sit down with a completely looser, who is disorganized, ignorant, and complete brownnoser his entire life? First king had his nose up Compton's Cahboosh....then up Richard Frederick's Cacashoot and now he wants to bring his smelly fecesface to a meeting with someone who doesnt need him or spider or any of the supereight click? Are these people serious?


  3. The UWP loose the next elections without Sarah.
    After what happened since 2008 with the UWP their leadership has no credibility. MAYPUIS, RORO have been the order of the day as as we know even their own polls show them losing to the SLP.

    The women and youth of St Lucia have no interest in them but trust Sarah.
    Unfortunately the 'macho' players in the UWP do not realize that this woman has more political capital than any of them to win an elections.

    A party needs credibility and the UWP has none of that right now.


  4. I am Patrick king from Barbados, I have been following the two main political parties for a while now and I do believe that Stevenson King is the best person to lead the UWP, what he need more than ever is the intestinal fortitude to command, however one must observe that when a party is in opposition the management of individuals with-in the party becomes challenging, I was a member of the St Lucians Aiming for Progress website, where I express similar views, however, what I have discovered on the website page, is, if you bash the UWP it is ok with most of those individuals who really don't have anything better to do, I am a person who believes in objectivity , I allow myself to be guided by facts, I do not engage myself in propaganda , that is a job for the politicians, I had to tell a few of them where to get off so it resulted in blocking me from their facebook page, but it is all well with my soul, I would always standup for what I believe, I can call all they names, but I don't think that, that , is important at this stage, what I would say to them is this, blocking me from your website page does not guarantee a victory at the polls for the SLP.


    • The page is called "St Lucians Aiming for Progress". We don't care you where you from. Maybe if you showed some more humility you probably wouldn't have gotten kicked out. Some of yall Bajans too condescending. And BTW...SLAP and SLP are two seperate entities.


  5. king nice try , why did this request be played in the media? why is it that you are dictating the date of the meeting? Couldn't you call the leader along with your crew and say what can we do to stop this division and when is a best time to meet and discuss a path forward? oh please King who yaull think yaull fooling. It's clear who is causing all the division. look at the composition of the people requesting the meeting. Kenny is smiling at yaull stupidity.


  6. The only person with any track record and standing with the people of St Lucia who has give the UWP any credibility over the past few years has been Sarah Flood Beaubrun.

    Just ask Guy Joseph when he attacked her at public meetings. See haw quickly the voters called him on his usual thoughtless nonsense.

    The Gang of Eight, Chastnets put down by a judge in the Tuxedo Affair, the overspending and poor management judgements by those who have been at the forefront of the UWP for the past 8 years have ensured another 5 years for Kenny.


  7. It is important to remember that we are in this to win the next general election. if you are a UWP supporter you want your party to do well. It is important to us to win and the mere fact that the political leader is not in any urgency to meet, smacks a level of arrogance and a sense he does not care and want to win the next general election. We are not a credible alternative to the labour party, which promise us better days. Allen has not shown any vision or someone who can foster a new direction in St Lucia politics or economic fortune. It is important to remember that all the persons who are asking for the meeting, have been UWPs long before Allen, and in the words of Guy (Gender Affected Individual) you need to take the line, why was Allen not asked to take the line since he does not understand the norms and ethos of the party he purport to lead. When people look to the immediate future and do not take time to look at where the party is and what is happening to the party that they proclaim to love! UWP can not be allowed to continue in this vein and it needs an immediate call to action and not one of points scoring and back bitting... Allen must learn to behave as a leader and do the right thing for country and UWP.


  8. Mr. King, I'm glad you've finally found your voice, however, this request for a meeting with one day's notice is unacceptable and I'm sure you know that. Whoever is advising you is not looking out for your best interests. You were not a good leader but I think you're a nice person. Your recent actions are putting that 'nice person' image to the test. Think of country, not self.


  9. Don't do meet with them its a bloody trap. After they drag you name all over the mud and the media for any little disagreement they now want to meet and reconcile. Since when? and giving deadlines?...hmm...smell a rat with some red all over it...they probably have some camcorders and other recording devices to give Kenny to show him a "deal" being made and then hand over the "evidence" to their chief propagandist "Jah Yute" to post on SLAP.


  10. Those who believe that Chastanet cannot lead the party to victory, that is up to them. I am happy that Uncle Steve is trying to mend fences. He cannot expect to jump fences at this eleventh hour in his life. Whatever, emanates from the talks, one thing must be certain, Allen Chastanet must lead the party into the next election.


  11. Sorry Mr. King it's too late, we cannot trust you anymore. If you were sincere in having this reconciliation why go to the media before contacting the individual. Lastly you are back with all your rejects. Shame on you. Boooooooooooooo


  12. Remove those reprobates from the party! Let them form their own party to see how popular they are! Bunch of fools. Chasnet did not make himself leader. To Sarah, I say ----- welcome to the race!


  13. I still don't know why we have to be Flambeau or Labour why cant we just be St. lucians and vote for the best candidate


  14. When I heard Mr King's request for a meeting with Mr Chastanet I was indeed hopeful. Those people have spent so much time opposing themselves that they must have forgotten who they are supposed to be opposing (SLP).
    However when I heard Mr King say that Mr Chastanet must meet with him by Thursday for the latest then that definitely smacks of something foul. Where is the humility that is required in reconciliation?
    When will people ever learn?


  15. I would encourage my party to work with LPM instead and leave King, Montoute et all in their den of viciousness and traps. Talk to LPM see what you all can work out with them cause its better to have a small party with great ideas in your court than bunch of has been who are dead set on destroying everything in their path. Make your move now Mr Political leader clean up that stinky smelly odor in the party or elese Kenny will have us for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  16. Stephenson King has no shame, a man who was made Prime Minister after Sir John's passing has shamed the people of this country when he allowed Frederick, Spider, Mondesir, Rufus, Spider (nose) etc to control him, His mouth was shut, he could not talk, he had to watch his back. He led us into elections in 2011 and his party was voted out. Now the UWP is trying to bring fresh blood into the party and reorganize things these same losers are enraged. Now you and your team want meeting.
    Rufus.. Remember the Bruce Tucker scandal?
    Frederick.. where is your US Visa?
    Mondesir.. Remember Tuxedo Villas scandal?
    King..The people you want to help out now, said you have no education and that the only certificates you possess is your Birth Certificate and your marriage certificate. You will not be able to run the Country with these greedy fellows you want to remain in the party. We must adapt to change. Mr Chastanet was voted the Political Leader and come 15 November he will still be voted in. It is to late now to call for a sit down. Where were you when the party called meetings before? you were never there, you never took part in any Orange match. I know you are still hurting because you had to take a back seat, but for the benefit of the Country accept the change. Lastly in my opinion you have no respect for Mr. Chastanet , you cannot give him one day's notice to attend a meeting, you do not know what prior plans he had. Mr Chastanet should not have any sit down with you and your group. He just has to wait for the Convention day and when he emerges winner, start work immediately to rid the UWP of all these lazy and greedy Joe politicians who know they cannot get a job any where else other than Government


    • I c u mention Spider but indicated no issue where Spider is concerned during King{s reign. It is good that people are allowed to oppose the leader is called Democracy.


    • Emerging party leader is nothing. Winning the next election is everything so it's best they sort this out and work together. To date so many constituencies have no candidates so last minute some one will be shoved down the peoples' throat; doesn't work that way.


  17. King sends a requests to Chastanet on Wednesday afternoon to request a sit down. HTS news force knew before the person the letter is supposed to reach. This man says he cares about the party and to talk to the leader you go to the media, you and company are nothing but a attention seekers.
    Its because of your'll the party getting bad publicity, puppets controlled by frederick and slp incognito!
    Chastanet PLEASE remove King & Co. (morndayzord/spider/rufass/mary poleeoous & stephenson queen) from the UWP for the betterment of the party and St.Lucia.


  18. Careful now, that's a tender trap. Look now, at this late stage
    the gathering of the Hounds hell bent on a late Coup.
    Steve King, Montoute, Rufus Bousquet, Keith Mondesir,
    Mary Polius, Claudius Preville. A motley crew indeed.
    Tell Keith and Spider go fly a Kite.
    Shades of Caesar with a thousand cuts. (and it's not even March)


  19. This is ridiculous and disrespectful. This is why you have no quality of a leader (love you as an individual). You sent a letter requesting a meeting 1 day before the meeting date and it is in the media already? This spells and smells "deliberately creating roro". A roro that will replace the attempted "Sarah Flood roro". We the voting public hope the executive do the right thing for the sake of the party and St Lucia, to fire all the persons included. We the voting UWP must make that request at the next convention. We want them and the labours to know it is the request of the people not Mr. Chastanet or the Executive. I am prepared to loose without them than to win with them.


  20. a political party is a group of people who share the same ideas and goals.
    If you find a problem with this get out and form a new party.


  21. Allen will make 'peace' with them just until after the 15th Nov to try and make sure that Sarah does not win the leadership. After that he will put King and them in their place at the back of the bus.


  22. Ali Baba and the 40 thieves.
    Can you imagine the Gang of Eight back again?
    The clueless Chastanet. The greedy lot of King Rufus Montoute!
    Never again St Lucia. SLP would win 16 seats.


  23. Choops. You could pick up the phone. Mr.King take the Ministry of Health and settle down.You will end up getting nothing. Massa will give you nothing for your efforts and he will still give you a callott with Impacs. The other shiny head, jewelry wearing man who is pushing you is completely discredited and if you bring him back we will get like Venezuela and Syria mixed together.


  24. This guy is a piece of .... They tried everything in the book to shame and remove Chastanet and when it finally dawn upon them they can't defeat him or stop him they asking for sit-down? Choops. I hope Chastanet is smart enough to see through these fellas.

    Their strategy is to lay low, presend all okay, win the next elections, and then begin to fight with Chastanet for the leadership of the party and PM of St Lucia. Chastanet its your call to send them packing.

    Do not trust King, Do not trust Montoute, do not trust Mondesir and Mary P including Rufus. These fellas have a bigger plan for you and its just a matter of time till they execute it. For the sake of stablity in the country tell them to go form their own party and show some balls once and for all.


  25. Competition is good, UWP. Re-open the contest. Let Sarah in. If she fails, then she fails. My choice is still Preville. He is new and without a questionable past. Sarah is straight up and has proven experience. Moreover, she is female
    We, the born and bred natives of this island, country, and nation deserve much better than a jackass government that wastes people's money on flying junkets around the world, that continues to place the nation in disrepute. With Kenny, Castro and Maduro in our future, we are in deep doo-doo.
    The SLP says better days. But right now and as has been said: "No sadness is greater than in misery to rehearse moments of joy". Thanks, but no thanks SLP, for your better days.


  26. It clearly shows Chastanet is not interested in the request.An important meeting like that he cannot postpone his trip?Nonsense! So they want to mend fence just to win the election and afterwards more chaos in the party again like last time.Lucians watch your bakes.


    • bambi if they had only come to him first and select a date convenient to all. It is so easy to fool yaull hacks.


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