King plans to continue serving as Independent Senator

King plans to continue serving as Independent Senator
Dr. Stephen King
Dr. Stephen King
Dr. Stephen King

Independent Senator Dr. Stephen King has said he prefers to continue running as an independent to advocate for civil society, rather than representing partisan politics.

Dr. King dismissed suggestions that he should join a political party that share some of his principles, noting that unity is more important than division.

“My problem with partisan politics is it divides rather than unite,” he asserted.

Asked about his performance as an Independent Senator, Dr. King told the local media on Thursday that he doesn’t like to “blow my own trumpet” and he would rather people assess his contribution.

However, the former Chief Medical Officer stated that he has tried to do his best and one of the most important things he was involved in is helping to remove Value Added Tax (VAT) on pharmaceuticals.

Another issue he contributed to is encouraging government to implement higher taxes on unhealthy food, particularly sugar and other similar products.

“I would also hope as I try to speak as an independent voice, it will create fruit among the Saint Lucian people, so that they would be able to express themselves,” he remarked.

The Senator has been advocating for health reform for several decades. He has also been calling for government to do more to improve the judicial system and reduce the remand population at prison.

Dr. King has been serving as an independent senator for over five years.


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