King joins Chastanet on UWP platform at Babonneau

King joins Chastanet on UWP platform at Babonneau
Photo credit: UWP
Photo credit: UWP
Photo credit: UWP

Former Prime Minister Stephenson King made a surprise appearance at the United Workers Party’s (UWP) public meeting held in Babonneau on Sunday.

King was greeted by senior party executives and candidates of the UWP, when he showed up at the event, and was later ushered onto the stage and given a seat at the front row.

Political Leader of the UWP, Allen Chastanet and King shook hands and embraced each other, as the crowd burst into loud cheers, as they all welcomed the former UWP leader.

The two then shook the hands of supporters, who was seen standing at the front row, close to the stage.

Chastanet then took to the stage to welcome King, who he described as a man who made an incredible contribution to the UWP and Saint Lucia, and confronted tremendous adversity as Prime Minister.

“He had to hold Saint Lucia tight with the worst recession that we ever had,” Chastanet asserted.

King has been visibly absent for most UWP public meetings and forums for quite some time.

The veteran politician had made it known that despite he strongly believes the party is divided, he will continue to serve the people, not only in his constituency, but all Saint Lucians.

King had lost the leadership of the UWP to Chastanet at a party convention in 2013, but remains popular in some areas, based on the number of years he has been with the party.

He has served as a Member of Parliament (MP) for three terms and is the only member of the team of successful UWP candidates, who increased his winning margin during the last general election.

King will be contesting the Castries North seat again at the next polls.



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  1. Oh Lord the saga continues...King with all due respect, do you even have a plan. Whats about Freddo, will you still have him as your adviser. If you are returning to represent us, do it with a clean heart.


  2. We will all hear about you later when you have delivered and then tossed aside like garbage by Allan and his goons. While chow pa kie bon. Wait st.Lucian's and see. Can't you see that Allan is using you to win that seat.


  3. Does king have a choice? Right now toute t bet ate busy trying to save themselves. Face it this UWP is a marriage of convenience . This pretense unity between Spider, King and Chastanet wont stand once it is clear that Chastanet as leadee cannot win. THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS BUT THAT OF KING AND SPIDER.


  4. King is a very diplomatic man, from the way he speaks and conducts himself. I would have done the same King, you know how to win, and a winner you are all the way.

    I know you know the present UWP camp don't want you, from Leader to grounds man, but you show them who is man and who are boys.


  5. Fleur, I think you nailed it. A touch of humility and wisdom
    is enough to do it for him. Now you have a winner in him.


  6. Was about time you woke up Mr King. I have a little more respect for you now.....but wait... . make sure you do not fall into the trap that Frederick and Kenny et al will set for you. Fredericks MBC show will now be renamed the Chastanet and King show. Expect backlash but hold loyal to the UWP.


    • Now I have respect for you Mr. King. We have an election to secure to save our country from destruction.


  7. All i have to say is SLP you have now been put on notice. Your days are numbered so please do us all a favor and call elections now.


  8. King much was expected of you. Not only have you failed yourself , you have shamed your constituency and by extension st Lucia. By rejoining and realigning Yourself with chastened, Rigobert, and Guy Joseph your moral conduct and integrity is now questionable. Its little wonder you were kicked out of the leadership.


  9. Tears came to my eyes when reading this article.Mr. King i have the utmost respect for you Sir....


  10. King, you have NOW LOST ALL CREDIBILITY.
    And it is so shameful to see how you have now returned and sit at the tables with your Oppressors.

    It's a Big Shame!



    • So what about Vaugh Lewis switching over to SLP after all what was said about him?
      What about Lorne switching over to SLP?

      When you make comments like this, remember it exists on the SLP side too.


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