King endorses Chastanet

King endorses Chastanet


Former Prime Minister Stephenson King endorsed Political leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Allen Chastanet as candidate for Micoud South on Sunday evening.

King who previously stayed away from UWP meetings and rallies, only began attending a few weeks ago and whenever he was called to speak, the former UWP leader, avoided mentioning Chastanet’s name.

But on this occasion, King said: “History will show us that throughout the years our mission has always been to ensure a good standard of living and better way of life. And we have continued on that under my leadership, and I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that under the leadership of Allen Micheal Chastanet, we will continue that mission of ensuring a better quality of life and higher standard of living for our people.”

King who has been a politician for over 32 years said, he helped to form the youth arm of the UWP and during his years as a politician, he saw victory and defeat. He also recalled that there were good and bad times, but this is the worst he has ever seen, under the leadership of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“When I sit back and think of all the things we have gone through as a party, as brothers and sisters. All of the challenges, all of the hard times, all of the suffering, I ask myself how can you not be a part of this mission of getting rid of Kenny Anthony and the Saint Lucia Labour Party,” King said to loud applause.

The Castries North Member of Parliament (MP) also put to rest rumours that he does not plan to cross the floor after the election, stating that he is it for the UWP and he will continue to stick to his party.

“For those of you out there who are allowing yourself to be misled by the propaganda, when I make up my mind about something I stick to it and I keep my word when I give my word,” he declared.

King has served as a MP for three terms and is the only member of the team of successful UWP candidates, who increased his winning margin during the last general election.


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  1. King is NOT stupid. He has envisioned a MASSIVE DEFEAT AND EJECT OF ALLEN CHASTANET.
    So he has now positioned himself to Sail into the Seat as PM, should the UWP win this General Election.

    Good Move, Mr. King 🙂


  2. They know how to create great illusions and to make we the masses believe what we see ,but what we see is never what we see ,do you remember the last uwp convention in Gros islet ? remember we saw or it look like we saw big men behaving like they were disgruntled remember we saw police getting involved ,remember we saw big men fighting some cussing and some had there face swollen like frogs (smile) just remember now look
    its amazing how people can change so people what we saw is not what we saw it was just in our minds it was just another illusion


  3. He also said that the statistics supporting the Labour party are good but persons should dismiss these statistics.

    He also said that he gave the date of the 27th and Kenny would have called that date or a date before or a date after. Like duh!!! That's like saying Kenny could call the date any time.

    Ridiculous statements as he plays politics with the people.



  4. If King has forgiven Chastanet why are you carrying the burden. He forgave him Leon Blake move on.


  5. King the humble. I love this man. Never disliked him. He called Mr. Chastanet "The Leader" WOW.


  6. A perfect example of political compromise. Does King forget how Chasnet humiliated him making that Wycliffe leap frog over him when he was PM.
    Does King forget that Chasnet gave labour reject Mary the right to shame and humiliate him at a recent UWP meeting
    King is an experience politician, maybe he is just waiting for the demise of Chasnet to once again take over the leadership of the party.
    One thing we can all agree King is no fool.


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