King claims Chastanet was given enough time to organise sit-down

King claims Chastanet was given enough time to organise sit-down
Stephenson King


Former Prime Minister Stephenson King has said statements which seeks to suggest that United Workers Party (UWP) Leader Allen Chastanet only received the request for a sit-down 24-hours before his travel overseas are not true.

King told the media today (Nov.10) that adequate notice was given to Chastanet in relation to a request for a sit-down with former executive members of the UWP who want certain issues addressed.

In fact the Castries North MP said that the letter requesting the sit-down was dispatched to Chastanet since Tuesday (Nov.3), but the parties requested to meet on Thursday (Nov.5) because of the importance of the issues they wish to discuss.

Nevertheless, King said that the UWP leader responded stating that he will inform the group, which include: himself, Mary Polius, Dr. Keith Mondesir and Lenard Montoute, upon his return whether he will be able to hold the sit-down.

King said the team of former UWP executives are attempting to “rescue the party”, but emphasized that if Chastanet does not see it fit to have a sit-down with them, then he will have to decide where the party goes from here.

“There are issues that I have that continue to perpetuated since 2013. I have waited a long time and we are at the final hour,” King remarked.

King said whether the sit-down happens or not, he will be attending the UWP National Convention which is slated to take place on Sunday, November 15, 2015.


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  1. King how many letters from the UWP, inviting you to meetings have you turned down?. How about the follow up messages by E/mail. I suppose you were not getting these too. Why now you are so hot on meeting with Chastanet? King stay in your corner because with these failures at your side you might not even win your seat. It is my belief you will swing if you win so we have to be careful with you.


  2. Hold on a minute!!

    People getting robbed, people getting raped, people getting murdered!!!
    People getting traumatized all over the island. From Castries to Vieux Fort, East and West.

    And ALL Mr. King can talk about is Allan Chastanet and UWP.
    That's a sign of someone suffering with anxiety/depression!!

    You are an adorable guy Mr King but you can do with a break.


  3. King who you and your crew think you all are, you think Chastanet have time for you and your greedy bunch, Mr. Chastanet is a business man, not like you big bear with your. Purse under your arm running talking crap to media houses, stop it King, you look ridiculous and embrassing.


  4. Mr. king, even if you sent a letter to Mr. Chastanet on the 3rd November, it does not mean he got it on that same day. My information is that the letter was dropped off at the Party headquarters on the 3rd November but Mr. Chastanet only received the letter on the 4th November when he went there to a meeting. That is the truth.


  5. blah blah blah.....I feel so embarrased when i see Mr.King on televisions...i really wish Mr.Chastanet would get the balls to remove you and far as rufus and mary... no show......yourl were the ones giving uwp the bad name, yourl were the ones causing all the division and final hour yu want to have seat down....if i was Mr.Chastanet there would be no seat down but a Kick out..kick you and spider out..nonsense and mary want to say the process is manipulated...nonsense, really wanted you and spider to run for elections for yourl to really see how we feel with yourl for frederick...hmm Ill be praying for you Mr.frederick... youre in need of it and as for the Claudius Preville,, who does that man think he is??? Preville, preville preville uhvwaitay


  6. What does he want to sit with Chastanet for again?????? Goodness sake give it Up. You need to get out and let Chastanet do the job and stop listening to the things Mary Polius and all the others are sticking in your head. Please.


  7. With a totally disconnected Allen Chastanet on top of a now fully dysfunctional UWP we can see Kenny Anthony in his Cul de Sac mansion laughing all the way to the electoral bank.

    Chastanet has been in or on top of endless confusion in and out of Parliament since 2007 and he really comes across as a little boy to Kenny. What a difference in gravitas between the two.

    All fall down for the UWP.


  8. King demonstrated an acute lack of leadership throughout his tenure as Prime Minister of this country as well as leader of the opposition,allowing several members of his party to walk all over him and openly disrespect him. In addition to that, he was the subject of mockery and butt of so many SLP taunts by the same Kenny Anthony who he now seems to openly embrace. This gentleman needs to re-evaluate his thinking and grow some sense. It seems to me like this little group of "former UWP executives" are the real ones causing tension and division within the party out of spite and desire for power. King's ship sailed a long time ago. Why can't these people look at the American and British politicians and aim to model their internal political party affairs along the same line? Everyone should stick together and throw their support behind the chosen political leader in order to achieve the common goal of getting their party back into power. Jeez!! And this is coming from a neutral who is now irritated by this constant back and forth nonsense about leadership of the UWP on a daily basis. Get your act together ladies and gentlemen!!!


    • well said, i get upset everytime i see Mr.King on my television talking about division when he and his crooks are the ones creating it


  9. King is a lazy fat guy. A puppet of the IMF. Better if this fat guy exercises cleaning the streets of Castries.


  10. I'm proudly in agreement with the other commentators to this article. I'm glad all Lucians seeing the royal bullshit of this deposed King. How can you send a letter to a business man who is also running a political campaign and expect him to drop all his plans within 2 days. You clearly state that you sent a letter on Nov 3rd and requested the meeting on Nov 5th. You expect the man you have vilified for months to drop everything for your silly ass and your bitter squad? You have no more political clout. Nope. I may not support Chastanet right now but he is a refreshing improvement over King's lack of leadership. Sorry Mr King, Chastanet won't bend over for you and every jackass to leapfrog over him. Idiotic political manoeuvring like this is what cost you the last elections. Do us all a favour and sit down. You blew your chance. I may just vote for Chastanet if he continues getting rid of all these idiots in the party.


  11. King, mary, montoute, mindesir, how else hold you all ass. King chastenet is damb right not to sit with u and your gang. This man is making an impact, u was never there. U all criticise this man an now u want to talk...get the f-- out of there.


  12. I looked at you on the HTS news and you are starting to look like a remote controlled robot. Why should we listen to you? for two years as leader you had no meeting, why should anyone listen to you now? Meeting for what? You could not even keep an organised party together what make you believe you can have influence on anyone now? We all want you to go and I wise the delegates could make that statement verbally on Sunday.


  13. King in his statement above said....."a request for a sit down
    with former executive members of the UWP.."
    ".......the team of former executive are attempting to rescue the Party"
    ".......I have waited a long time and we are at the final hour......"

    First, Mr. King said, "....I have waited..." then, WE are at...." Let me kindly
    advise Mr. King to be careful with his chosen words; people are watching.
    If you wanted a chat with Chastanet, give him a call to meet him for Tea,
    for me, that's how gentlemen should meet. But you have complicated the
    matter, by bringing in the "WE" a group well known for their hostility toward
    the present leader, a group which you, Sir, are well associated with. AWA.

    Steve, you have always been a Pal whom I've had great respect for,
    but there is something in politics which is very hard for some to swallow.
    When at an old SLP internal convention, George Charles had to Step
    aside to let a fellow member assume the role as leader, it was done decently
    with Honourabe men...i.e. La Corbiniere, John Compton, Lousie, and so on.
    At one time Sir Allen Lewis was Chairman of the Labour Party, Great men.

    Mr. King---listen carefully, you are at the crossroads of your political career
    and right now you have an opportunity to salvage any remaining respect
    left for you in this fine Country of ours. Choose, either to champion the
    causes of a disgruntled lot and be disrespectful by many, or join the
    mainstream and be united as one....THINK.


  14. King I have had enough of u and your mongoose gang. U never attended meetings for two yrs now u want to come and play a role. Fire man nonsense .


  15. All those freakin months, U King wasted bad mouthing the man..... I would not waste my time with a spineless wimp like U.


  16. What you need to do Mr King is shut the hell up and stop telling the media every little thing. Why you practice like the labour party and keep your grievances out of the public. Geez man


  17. Mr.King is rude and out of place wanting to meet at the last hour.Mr. Chatanet do not seat around waiting for things to happen he makes it happen.Mr King was always late for meetings including his own political meeting now because you say jump Mr.Chastanet is suppose to jump come on Mr.King what's about all the time They were asking for your presents and you were a no show.St.Lucians do not be fooled I am asking all uwp supporters and St.Lucians at large to Support Mr.Chastanet.Some of us do not like change when we are not the one incontrol.Food for thought.


  18. Time to go open you all own party. I dont like chastanet but i dont like your faction either. Please bannU lappay et magee sa la. U Spider, rufus et all need to find another live. Stop depending on politics for your survival.


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