King: As an independent nation Saint Lucia should not be totally dependent on others

King: As an independent nation Saint Lucia should not be totally dependent on others

(SNO) — Former Prime Minister Stephenson King has said that as an independent nation, Saint Lucia should not be totally dependent on other nations.

The island celebrated 40 years of Independence last Friday, and speaking to the media after the festivities, King said all citizens must come together to build the nation.

“It signifies an intention, a commitment, a conviction for all Saint Lucians to come together regardless of their political persuasion, religious beliefs, etc to come in and work together as a nation,” he stated.

He added that the time has come when all citizens must understand that the island is not just part of the Caribbean community but it belongs to the global environment where it has a role to play.

“We must play our role and also understand that as an independent nation, we ought not to be to totally dependent on other superpowers and influential countries, but to begin to see ourselves as truly independent by working together to develop our nation, to develop our people, to bind our people together for a common cause and purpose and a conviction for national development,” King said.

He said when Saint Lucia gained independence, it was a time for it to begin to stand in the world as a nation and to make its mark.

“We have done it to a certain extent,” he stated. “We have been able to be out there and to have the influence in the international community, but what have we seen, we have seen Saint Lucia during that period of time attain two nobel laureates, in economics and literature, we have seen our sportsmen perform at regional levels, representing Saint Lucia and representing the Caribbean, the West Indies.”

King, who is now Minister of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour, also said that despite its accomplishments, Saint Lucia still has a long way to go.

“There is quite a bit I believe we can do and it is really now to fashion that vision, a vision of a people determine to find their rightful place on the world stage,” he remarked.


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  1. It is brainless to conceive or to make any significant component of our development dependence on outside help. It corrodes national self-respect. It contradicts the entire notion of what is little can be called independence.

    Moreover, uncoordinated external handouts usually create projects that do not always fit comfortably into our national goals medium-term and long-term. Take for instance the hospital.

    As conceived, it goes up against the national resources available for its annual maintenance. Besides, the cost overruns, which are to be expected with construction projects, there is an annual maintenance cost. Was that factored in the decision to create this edifice of mismanagement, and which to date is almost a white elephant?


  2. Any one remembered King saying that we would not be riding on waves as we travel the Millennium Highway? Didn't he state that the works would have begun? Any word Mr. King? Or is that just another BLUFF?


  3. Mr. King you are one of the politicians I respect in St. Lucia, but I must say to you that we are just
    a small rock sticking our head out of the ocean and have the audacity to call ourselves a nation.
    What nation? All of these little Islands of the Leeward and Windward should have banded together
    to form one group, under one name, one central government, like the Bahamas, and even then,
    such a government would still need help from the richer and more developed nations of the world.
    Please don't buy into the common argument that St.Lucia always go 'cap in hand' for help, that's
    what we must and have to do because as a colony we were duped into going for independence
    knowing full well, we were not ready or capable of being independent. Politicians with inflated egos
    had to follow Jamaica and Trinidad, in rushing into something they were not prepared for. After
    several years of economic stagnation, saved only partly by great migration to the U.K., Canada and
    the USA, otherwise you would have hunger riots in the streets like Venezuela. Stop criticizing the
    Governments, be it Labour or UWP for seeking help, we have every right to do so, remember we
    were a colony for no fault of our own, so let us grab what we can while we can, I find nothing
    wrong with that. The Watchman is saying something and I echo his sentiment, pray that this paranoid
    egoist in the Casa Blanca don't start something stupid in Caracas, for if he does, you can kiss your
    Tourist Industry goodbye for quite a while. Take what you can while you can and stop criticizing.


  4. That is a badly worded quote. You are either pregnant or you are not. You either independent or you are not. If you are independent, then hell, you must be able to stand on your own two feet!

    There are too many colonial dependency-minded politicians in this country. They, red or yellow, are always looking for handouts without a national plan. Then they go on to build white elephants that they cannot maintain after the usual gross financial mismanagement of building things like hospitals.

    We do not cut our coats according to the cloth available. Economic reality begs us to train our people to grow up and live independent lives away from government handouts.

    It has been 40 years. When will we grow up?


    • When will we grow up "NEVER" Believe it there are many in this country in the year 2019 who wish we were still under the British Flag and take our orders from 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace.


  5. 03/02/2019
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