Kindergarten registration now online

Kindergarten registration now online


The Ministry of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development has had to modify the Kindergarten registration process due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ministry has replaced the face-to-face process, creating an online portal accessible at

The portal is user friendly and can be accessed via computer, tablet and mobile phone. Parents will need a valid email address to log on, and for further communication with education officials.

Dr. Claudia Louis, Chief Planning Officer in the Department of Education, said: “Provisions will be made for parents to drop off their documents at the schools within a particular period. A further announcement will be made on the exact details. We really encourage parents to try the online portal. We will also make an announcement later this week on how we will accommodate those who do not have access via digital means.”

Dr. Louis also summarized the 2021 registration process and required documents.

“Parents will be given the option of selecting three schools. The main reason is that you may select a school that is your first choice, but that school may be oversubscribed, and we may have to place your child in the second chosen school. For this reason we are asking everybody to select three options.

She continued: “It is also very important that the parents have the child’s birth certificate, the immunization certificate, the health card, and the child’s passport photo. If you are applying based on your workplace, you will need a job letter; and if you are applying based on your residence, we would need to see a utility bill as proof of residence. The online portal will prompt you as to when the documents should be uploaded.”

Parents are reminded to make digital copies of all documents.

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