Kimani Melius: St. Lucia’s rising cricket star

Kimani Melius: St. Lucia’s rising cricket star
Kimani Melius
Kimani Melius

“Hard work and dedication brought me here,” are the words 16-year-old Babonneau Secondary School student Kimani Melius has said led to his qualification for the West Indies Under-19 cricket team.

He will play as an opening batsman and is currently preparing for the upcoming one-day series in New Zealand soon.

Melius, who is from Boguis, has been a cricketer from an early age, competing in local tournaments by the age of 13. His skills on the field sparked the interest of local cricket authorities who found no difficulty in taking the task of helping to unleash his potential.

“Well it’s always a nice accomplishment representing a West Indies Under-19 team. That’s [something] everybody dreams about. Hard work and perseverance has brought me there and I will continue working hard on my game and continue helping others to better themselves,” he told DBS Television.

Kimani Melius

The teen athlete said that his mentor is Indian team captain, Virat Kohli.

“My inspirational figure is Virat Kohli because he loves the sport and he always pushes his fitness and always wants the best out of his players,” he said.

In commenting on his interests in the game, Melius said that he finds the one-day and test cricket segments of the sport a bit more appealing than that of the 20-20 aspect, though it normally generates more popularity and excitement.

Kimani Melius

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  1. My hope is to see you on the big screen - Senior West Indies team and then spread your wings to play for the big bucks. My only concern and fear is the politics of the game. I saw how Lara and those before and after him got into the politics of the game and their career ended abruptly. My advice is to remain focus, you have worked to reach such level and I am confident you will work hard to maintain your place on the team and to progress to higher heights - keep the faith and believe in your talent. I will be watching you with from a distance with my chicken wings and beer - BRAVO BRAVO our local Hero !!


  2. that is it my boy you gonna make it and keep up the hard work and determination i hope you make it on the real west indies team and when you do be another darren sammy or even be better than Darren Sammy and dont be like the other one that only want to drink white rum for you to get old names like gratta and for you not to be performing like him. be smart and remember dont ever play yourself


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