Killings of Yanna and Kimberly: Police criticized by victim’s mother for not solving gender-based violence

By SNO Staff

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Yanna Auguste (left) was killed in 2015 and Kimberly De Leon, just last month. Both crimes remain unsolved.

(SNO) — The police is Saint Lucia are coming under fire for seemingly not doing enough to investigate crimes against women.

The unsolved case of Yanna Auguste, who was killed in 2015, and the recent of murder of Kimberly Williams-De Leon are being used by some as examples that enough is not being done by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

Auguste’s mother, Camille Auguste, said she is still seeking justice for her daughter.

“Nothing is being done about crime, the women,” she told Hot7 News.

The elder Auguste said she has been calling the police on numerous occasions to ask what is going on in the investigations.

“They always tell me that the case is still open, they have not gotten everything yet,” she said.

Auguste said at this time she “is just there waiting”.

The distressed mother said that three years after her daughter’s death, she is still missed.

“Up to now we still miss her because she was such a loving person,” she said. “She was very, very friendly with everybody and we miss her a lot.”

Auguste said she is not satisfied with the slow rate of criminal investigations in Saint Lucia.

“Don’t tell me that not one of those crimes are being solved?” she stated. “Not one? What I am saying is that maybe the police don’t have all the things that they supposed to have to catch the perpetrators.”

Yana Auguste’s body was found near the wreckage of her vehicle at the bottom of Anse Chastnet Hill in Soufriere. It was initially thought she died due to the accident but a post-mortem revealed the true cause of death were physical trauma and asphyxia.

Williams-De Leon was shot at her residence on Oct. 29, 2018. The post-mortem revealed she died from a single gunshot wound to the head. No one has been arrested for her death.

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  1. This o e is linked to Gobart.. Big boys involved..God don’t sleep. KARMA shall find them

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