Killing convicted criminals is not the solution: Montoute

Killing convicted criminals is not the solution: Montoute
Montoute doesn’t believe in the death penalty as a method to decrease crime.

Minister for Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment, Lenard Montoute has said that while crime is of serious concern to the island, he does not believe that capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, will restrict criminality.

He shares a different opinion from National Security Minister Hermanguild Francis who recently indicated his support for the death penalty. Francis also bemoaned the practice of criminals being handed down minimal sentences despite the fact that their offenses warrant more severe punishment.

Montoute said, “I happen to be one who does not believe that capital punishment is a deterrent. However, it is our law that the consequence of certain actions could be imprisonment, hanging and so on. I believe that if it is a law [then] the law should be enforced. However, I would feel a lot more comfortable if we find other avenues to deal with perpetrators of crime other than the gallows.”

Montoute informed that he has spoken to Francis with regard to devising programmes that would help counter the growing crime problem.

He said that while some are convinced that there is an increase in crime he believes there is instead, an escalation in homicides.

“We intend to put some programmes in place. We devise programme that not necessarily directly relates to crime, but hopefully they can impact the community and individuals in such a way that it would avert their engagement and indulgence in crime,” he said.

“While I will not jump on the band wagon to say that we have an increase in crime like many are saying right now, we certainly have a spike in homicides and that is very disconcerting. It’s a major concern to us because as you would appreciate, the majority of the victims are young people. The perpetrators are also young people and as far as I’m concerned we have two victims – two sets of victims – both the perpetrators and the people who suffer the consequences of crime and of course, the family…” the minister stated.

He added, “So while we have to look at crime-fighting…as a ministry we [also] have to look at prevention of crime, and so we believe that tackling crime is multifaceted. And you have to look at it from a variety of angles. Not just social but economic…”


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  1. We need the death penalty!!not by hanging but by stoning..This is what the most high said we should do.
    It is clear that the majority of the people of St Lucia want the death penalty to be reinstated..Though this is already Law,We need a referundum on this issue since it has been a while since it was friends understand that those who lead us are better off when there is no death penalty..the lawyers ect thrive on crime!The death penalty will slow their business


  2. Minister:

    Sanction is never the only solution to crime. It is part of the solution to crime. It is, always, a multifaceted effort to lower crime rates.

    Saction is the solution when you ask the right question, which is "What is the right, just and proportional sanction for the crime committed? In some cases, the answer will be the death penalty.

    Murder is the most horrific of crimes and will, often, be deserving of execution.


  3. Minister:

    With all sanctions, some will be deterred, some will not be.

    It has not been and will not occur that any sanction is proven to deter none.

    The primary purpose of sanction is justice. Second to that and very important, is deterrence and safety.

    It is irrational to say that the death penalty is not a deterrent to some. Execution is the most severe sanction. If the most severe sanction does not deter, none deter.

    Life is preferred over death. Death is feared more thn life.

    What we prefer more deters less. What we fear more deters more. Obvious.


  4. the public need to find them and kill them . no police. no politician. no judge. no jury. just find them. make them confess . then kill them. no one has to know.


  5. The minister distinguishes between crime and homicide as if there’s a difference. Homicide is crime. Crime is illegal and the offenders must be punished. Walk a few miles in the shoes of someone affected by homicide.


  6. Spider where is your boss because right now this country has no PM just a liar who pops in every now and then delivering lies upon lies


  7. mr minister, then please tell us what the solution to our rising crime and murder rate is... be mindful capital punishment is not about deterring crime but just punishment for crime committed


    • Just sanction and deterrence are not mutually exclusive, in fact are very closely related. If we always invoke a just, proportionate sanction, deterrence will follow.


  8. i am a strong supporter of the gallows , the death penelty i support , there are crime which is selfdefense which are those we have to look at different angle , but the guy or those guy or the people who kill that laborie girl , they have no say in society they should be treated like commoners, a dog should have better treatment thats them , killing them or him . to me is not enought he should not be buried amongs people


  9. That's one of the few times Mr Montoute got it wrong. His convicttion is based purely on gut feeling. No hard facts or statistics. He is simply posturing. Fact is, all criminals are afraid of the death penalty. How do I know? Apart from Solomon, the last man to be hanged, who walked slowly and incident-free to the gallows, no other convicted killer has walked without incident to his death. They all cry and scream, and fight to avoid death.


    • Death is feared more than life. Life is preferred over death.

      That which we prefer more deters less. That which we fear more deters more.


  10. Did the Hon. Minister say "....I would feel more comfortable if we find other avenues to deal
    with perpetrators of crime other than the Gallows......" well Sir, say that to the dead victims.

    Say that to the mother of that woman, killed, buried under a load of stones, leaving three kids
    for the grandmother to support on her own. There are no Laws on our books to make anyone
    feel comfortable but the only one on our books, and that is to HANG. Some my not like it, but.

    Wake me up when they have found a solution, one that will make me feel comfortable also.
    But in the mean time, hang the bastards, and whip the arses of the crooks, and show their faces.


  11. Unless the criminals are wary of punishment, none of this will stop, in fact it will escalate. Such a sad state of affairs.


  12. Maybe you're of the opinion that killing criminals is not the solution, so you might as well in the same logic pattern, believe that prison doesn't stop thieves and hence you can shut them down and find another solution.

    However if you really want to know whether the death penalty will dissuade people from committing murders don't interview convicted murderers to find out, please interview law abiding citizens and you'll find out. As a matter of fact the Minister can start by simply asking himself that question.

    In life, the disasters that you have over time averted cannot always be counted or even identified simply because they have not happened. In short, when you take action to preempt certain things, you cannot ideally identify your successes simply because you have caused these same things that would have happened (if you did nothing) to not happen and thus through your "invisible" successes rendered them unavailable for counting.

    Hope you understand.


  13. Like you said spider..its the law and it should be enforced. keep your opinion on this issue quiet thank you.


  14. Man shut up !! the European Union put caca in y'all head now you all coming and preach. You an independent country, think for your self.

    Everything people put information of these idiots they drink. Killing convicted criminals is not the answer, so what do you intended to do with them when there is a slap on the wrist approach to rape, murder, theft etc.? The European Union jailing theirs for life.

    Bunch of kiss ass politicians none of their ideas I original. Just kiss up to white folks ass!!


  15. Mr minister what do you propose we do with these criminals. Put them back out there to kill some more. You so called educated people don't seem to realize that not everyone can be rehabilitated. They go in pretend to be good get most of the times too early for good behavior and kill some more. Bravo mr. Minister you seem to have found the answer.


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