Killer cop Amber Guyger joked about Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination

Killer cop Amber Guyger joked about Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination
Guyger (left) and King Jr.
Guyger (left) and King Jr.

(NEW YORK POST) — The white, former Dallas cop who murdered an unarmed, black neighbor, joked about Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination while working security at a parade in his honor last year, prosecutors revealed Tuesday.

“When does this end lol,” a friend identified only as “Blevins” texted Amber Guyger on Jan. 15, 2018, according to a screenshot posted on Twitter.

“When MLK is dead… oh wait….” Guyger texted back.

Both messages were deleted from Guyger’s phone, but later recovered by authorities, notations on the evidence show.

Guyger also complained that the Dallas parade was “going on 3 hours” and suggested, “Just push them or spray…in that general direction,” the texts show.

Another text exchange, with her former police partner and extramarital lover, Martin Rivera, shows Guyger criticizing black cops.

“Damn I was at this area with 5 different black officers!!! Not racist but damn,” Rivera wrote on March 9, 2018.

“Not racist but just have a different way of working and it shows,” Gugyer wrote back.

Those messages were also deleted from her phone.

The texts were shown to jurors during the sentencing phase of Guyger’s trial following her conviction earlier Tuesday in the Sept. 6, 2018, shooting of Botham Jean, 26, who lived in a fourth-floor apartment directly above hers.

Guyger, 31, faces a maximum 99 years in prison.

Guyger claimed that she mistook Jean’s apartment as her own following a 15-hour tour of duty, and shot him while he was eating a bowl of ice cream because she thought he was an intruder.

Prosecutors said that Guyger didn’t realize where she was because she was sexting with Rivera, and should have called for backup instead of entering when she found the apartment door unlocked.


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  1. Firstly Martin Luther was not the man most tend to think he was, he was a CIA operative, also This article aims at race baiting the average simpleton into believing that the shooting was race based. Same on SNO for posting this trash article. If ur gonna copy and paste from the internet, at least do it will some level of class.


  2. Don't arrest her send her to st.lucia on a month vacation first because she's been working so hard she says she needs the rest do please after a month she'll go to jail in Texas


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