Kick Start Riding and Driving School express condolences to family and friends of Thaddeus Jules

Kick Start Riding and Driving School express condolences to family and friends of Thaddeus Jules

12980743_845367202258744_1351321980_oPRESS RELEASE – The Staff  and Management of Kick Start Riding and Driving School express their condolences to the family and friends of Thaddeus Jules – a rider who died on Saturday 9th April 2016.

May the comfort of God help you and your family during this difficult time, and may the love of those around you help you through the days ahead.  

We at Kick Start Riding and Driving School are always sadden when a fellow rider succumbs to the myriad of obstacles while traversing the roads of Saint Lucia.  We operate on the firm belief that wearing the right gear is just as important as having a properly serviced bike and knowing how to ride it. Our aim is to position ourselves as a premier riding school, with safety as our foundation. We envision a country where motorcyclist use the road safely, are licensed, trained and there is a reduction in the frequency of motorcyclist related fatalities.


Our involvement in the “Safety Is Your Business” campaign, by the National Association of driving Instructors,  is reflective of our concern with the current relationship which exist between motorcyclist and other road users, along with the large number of unlicensed or untrained riders.  

As such we want to encourage current unlicensed motorcycle riders and potential enthusiasts to get the necessary certified training, which will help foster the importance of not just gearing up as the rider but ensuring that your passenger “pillion” is also safe and wearing  safety gear.

We want to take this opportunity to again express our deepest sympathy to the Jules family and wish them peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in their hearts.


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  1. It was time for someone to see the need to encourage these young men to think of their safety first. I know the biker community are sadden by the loss of such a young man and i hope they learn form the mistakes of those who have fallen. Suit up! Don't drink and ride .
    Please, I beg you, Wear Your Helmets, it can save your a life.
    Kick Start I for one have been riding for years without a licence, but i am always geared down from the lost of Foster. However, Let it start with me. I will be coming to do it the right way. I hope other follow. I don't want to be another Statistic.

    R.I.P THAD


  2. I hate to see these men & women behind these riders with no helmet but the riders are well protected what is that? Why would you put yourself at risk and not wear protective gear.


  3. While some may have seen this as an advert for Kick Start, we have to be realistic about the current use of the road by motorcycle riders. It reflected the absence of trained riders and the need to ensure safety among road users. We come across vehicular accident every week and while the accidents are reported then need for safety is spoken about, is that a bad thing? Kick Start who are lovers of bikers are persons who wish to see the road become a safer place for biker being smart when they ride.


  4. Good to know there are schools around. Been seeing some wrong in the bike community and this speaks to getting it right. Did not know Thaddeus personally but saw him at Junior's funeral. Cool guy.

    So the wording may offend some and really that is a learning experience for that school in their next broadcast. However, this is the first time any group has come out to offer any sort of condolences, broadcast their position and offer a solution in the spat of motorcycle accidents. To this i say kudos.


  5. I believe their hearts was in the right place. Encouraging bikers to get proper training. Over the the last 4 months we have had at least 10 motorcycle accidents. In the 10 accidents Two was in one week and both was drinking, riding no helmet which resulted in lost of life. I am happy that someone is making an effort and trying to make a change.....

    They are the first I have heard of promoting safe riding..... I never new there was a school.

    Bikers please! please! please! Don't be a statistic protect yourself and your pillion.

    R.I.P Thaddeus Julies


  6. I think this post was misconstrued and misunderstood. It doesn't sound like an advertisement in my opinion. I think the point is that the school is sadden by what has transpired and would like to encourage all in SLU both drivers and motorcyclists to be safe to avoid these types of incidents in the future.


  7. Really..... Is that what u get. I see them encouraging riders to wear the necessary gear when riding. And we riders should be more responsible on the roads. I am always worried and disappointed when I see a rider or their passenger riding with out a helmet.
    My heart aches when I see a rider pelting through traffic I for one pray that the Lord put a protective hand.



  8. SMDH wow an ADVERTISEMENT on someone death wow SMH @ KICK START RIDERS second i never heard him speak of this group wowwwwwwwwwwwww smh


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