KICK ‘EM JENNY UPDATE: No tsunami threat to Saint Lucia – NEMO

KICK ‘EM JENNY UPDATE: No tsunami threat to Saint Lucia – NEMO

kickem-jenny-featuredPRESS RELEASE – The University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre (UWI-SRC) has informed the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) of “increased activities” at the Kick ’em Jenny submarine volcano which is located approximately 8 km north of Grenada.

According to the UWI-SRC, Kick ’em Jenny erupted on the evening of Saturday, April 29, 2017 and felt reports suggest that the eruption was felt in northern Grenada.

As a result, the alert level has been elevated to yellow and a 5 km exclusion zone has been imposed around the summit of the volcano which mariners are asked to strictly observe.

A yellow alert means that “the volcano is restless; seismicity and/or fumarolic activity are above the historical level or other unusual activity has been observed or can be expected without warning.”

Currently, there is no Tsunami threat to Saint Lucia as a result of the heightened activity of Kick ’em Jenny. However, NEMO officials remain in close contact with authorities in Grenada and the University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre and will provide updates on the situation as necessary.

For further information please contact the NEMO Secretariat via telephone # (758) 452-3802/452-4318/468-2126 or email at [email protected]


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  1. Mr Editor, is it possible to get a second opinion and/or even a third, as we would do with the diagnosis of an off-handish & sloppy doctor who is devoid of credibility. UWI's seismic team never take the initiative, is not known for making good calculated guesses or bets which turn out to be true, it does minimum research and it likes to sit on information before taking action. Above all, who knows anyone of their team? How many professors are in the team? How many recent graduates has just joined. You see, they are not known and they keep flashing their badges to people who do not know them nor even know of them. What the public knows and is made to know for sure is the presence of foreign team(s) which come in, presumably to help UWI's seismic team, which they are probably concealing. Bottom line, Mr Editor is that if the public funds are used to subsidize that kind of service from another of those trust/charity/honorary/delegated bodies should it not be one of them pulled in, like the National Trust, and be made to give account of its present funding and/or make covenants to justify future subsidies or incentives?


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