KFC St. Lucia launches delivery services

KFC St. Lucia launches delivery services
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(PRESS RELEASE) — KFC is pleased to announce the launch of “KFC Delivery” which was launched on August 3, 2020, delivering from our Rodney Bay KFC store location.

The delivery service will provide added convenience and accessibility to restaurant, offers and promotions, while maintaining customer safety and confidence during these times.

At present, the delivery service is only available from our Rodney Bay location and spans from Marisule to Cap Estate. It includes communities such as Corinth, Vieux Sucre, Caye Manje Beausejour Phase 1 and 2, and Pigeon Point.

The service can only be offered within a determined radius, which allows for a quality product to be maintained and delivered within an appropriate time frame. As such, certain outlier communities may not be able to access the delivery service.

Currently, delivery times are Monday-Sunday, from 11AM-8:30PM. KFC is working diligently to launch this service from all its locations. This will widen the brand’s reach and provide a convenient and easily accessible service to a wider customer base. The brand hopes to have the delivery service fully functional from all four of its current locations by December of 2020.

KFC would like to thank customers who have already engaged the delivery service and look forward to providing more customers with a world class product and a delivery service second to none.

– Delivery is ONLY available from our Rodney Bay Store location
– Delivery Zone for the moment covers Marisule to Cap Estate for specified locations within this Zone.



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