KFC donates $3,000 to Community Outreach Grooming Service Project

KFC donates $3,000 to Community Outreach Grooming Service Project

On Monday, September 16, KFC donated $3,000 to the Community Outreach Grooming Service which has partnered with Cutty Ranks Barbershop.

The objective of the Community Outreach Grooming Service Project is mainly to provide an adequate level of grooming assistance to those in need of it.

The project provides a grooming service to students who cannot afford to undergo that expense every month and to also ease the financial burden of parents.

The grooming service is important because when the hair is not taken care of properly, an individual can suffer various illnesses e.g. fungus in the head, ring worms and head blisters, just to name a few.

The organizers have now come to realize that there are more students in need of this service than they initially thought.

Ottis Effs, marketing manager of KFC St. Lucia, said “We are very pleased to be able to assist such a worthwhile venture. KFC believes in investing in the youth and this donation is in keeping with our mandate to give back to the community.”

Recently the programme has started going to the different schools to groom the boys. This displays the commitment of the organizers to make the programme a success. Further to this, they are fully endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Human Resource and Labour, which gives the programme full authorization to execute this project to infant and primary schools around the island.

KFC is proud to be part of this initiative by Cutty Ranks Barbershop and commend them for investing time and effort to help develop our youth.


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