Kevin Jean Baptiste releases ‘Drop it Low’

Kevin Jean Baptiste releases ‘Drop it Low’

(PRESS RELEASE) – 28 Year old Kevin Jean Baptiste is at it again!

After his transition from Gospel music to Soca Kevin said for him music is like being a kid in the candy store wanting to try it all,and especially sticking to the right genre his fans love. After his power soca release in 2019 ‘Kick It Down’ he wanted to go to the extreme and give St. Lucia more.

After working with popular Dennery Segment artists Davidson Henry also known as Nassis, Kevin has had his recent release ‘Drop It Low ‘ #DS.

“This song has definitely made me embrace who I am a free spirit, despite being on a wheel chair nothing will limit me from doing my best. I am also looking to release a music video for ‘Drop It Low’ and we’re looking at May 2020. I always believe whatever you focus your mind on makes you stronger. As a new artist I would like St. Lucia to support me on my journey. I know it’s very hard to make it out there, but for me the most unattractive thing is someone who quits. I won’t stop here that’s just the beginning.”

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Drop It Low by Kevin can also be found on Spotify and iTunes


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