Kenson ‘BayBay’ Casimir’s team “elated” at selection process outcome

Kenson ‘BayBay’ Casimir’s team “elated” at selection process outcome
Left to right: Kenson 'BayBay' Casimir (SLP) and Lenard Montoute (UWP) are both working hard to win the Gros Islet seat in the next general election.
Left to right: Kenson ‘BayBay’ Casimir (SLP) and Lenard Montoute (UWP) are both working hard to win the Gros Islet seat in the next general election.

By MERRICK ANDREWS, Staff Reporter

(St. Lucia News Online) — The #BayBay4GrosIslet team said in a statement on Tuesday, July 14 that it is “elated” at the outcome of the Saint Labour Party’s (SLP) selection process for choosing newcomer Kenson ‘Bay Bay’ Casimir to contest the next general election for the Gros Islet seat.

Casimir, a popular businessman and sports journalist, will lock horns with the current representative and Minister for Equity, Social Justice, Local Government and Empowerment, Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute of the United Workers Party (UWP).

The #BayBay4GrosIslet team said they were confident from the beginning that Casimir possessed the qualities to serve at the highest level, and “we are happy that he was able to share his vision which ultimately led to his selection”.

The team added: “We thank all of you who support Kenson and we commiserate with Mr. Terrence “Skinny” St. Clair. In such contests, there can only be one to emerge and we applaud Skinny for putting on a formidable contest.

“As we move onwards to the battle to unseat the United Workers Party, we are mindful of the need to pool our resources, support bases, and work towards winning every vote. Kenson and Skinny have spoken and the healing process has started. We urge all of you to join the #Baybay4GrosIslet movement and put in your #Effort100 to secure victory at the polls.

“In the coming days, you will hear from Kenson in his own words but in the meantime, please join us is warmly congratulating Kenson “Baybay” Casimir – SLP Candidate for the Gros islet Constituency.”
Casimir has been very busy in his constituency. He had organised, among other initiatives, the ‘Gros Islet Virtual Friday Night Fundraiser’ in which he raised EC$20,447.46 for vendors. He presented the check to the Gros Islet Vendors’ Association at a press conference on June 9, 2020.

He has been on talk shows, doing tours in the Gros Islet community, and assisting in various community projects.

His opponent, Montoute, has also been just as busy, repairing a number of roads in his constituency, touring the communities and meeting residents. He donated items to various organisations during the COVID-19 shutdown.

And he is a veteran politician.

After losing on his first try in 2001 to the SLP’s Mario Michel, Montoute won the Gros Islet seat for the first time in the December 2006 election. Michel had won the constituency in the 1997 election.

Montoute lost his seat in the 2011 general election to the SLP’s Emma Hippolyte. He regained the seat in the 2016 polls by defeating Hippolyte by 1,791 votes:

Lenard Montoute – 6,339
EmmaHippolyte – 4,548
Therold Prudent (LPM) – 151
53.60 percent voter turnout


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