Kenson ‘Bay Bay’ Casimir for Gros Islet seat?

Kenson ‘Bay Bay’ Casimir for Gros Islet seat?
Casimir featured on Dazzle Magazine St. Lucia
Casimir featured on Dazzle Magazine St. Lucia

(SNO) — Calls are now out on social media for local sports journalist Kenson ‘Bay Bay’ Casimir to contest the Gros Islet seat in the next general elections.

This is not the first time there has been a public call for Casimir, owner of a local sports news website, to join the political arena.

Former government minister Richard Frederick, on an edition of his popular talk show ‘Can I Help You’, mentioned Casimir as one of a number of people he believes would represent Saint Lucia well in the political arena based on their character and/or qualifications.

With the hashtag #BayBay4GrosIslet, fellow journalist Miguel Fevrier also disclosed the most recent call for Casimir to run for political office.

Feverier, writing on his Facebook profile Monday evening, said: “Requests are pouring in for local Sports Journalist Kenson Bay Bay Casimir to contest the Gros Islet seat.

“Casimir did not want to comment on the matter, but the following has been making rounds on instant messaging platforms:

“Enough is enough!

With the uninspiring presentations during the budget debate from the Member for Gros-Islet and the high level of entropy displayed by Spider after being given a second chance, the people of Gros Islet have had enough! Will we continue to support a man that has stayed silent on Pajoah, while seating next to the character that is Ubaldus for the last 2 and a half years and not utter a word of disapprobation?

Will we continue to support a man that has never apologized for saying that NICE workers were Labour supporters while ensuring that these individuals, some from his very own constituency of Gros islet, were never given contracts again?

Will you continue to support someone who is comfortable in believing that building a few roads is all he needs to do for the people while he drives his brand new Lexus and unemployment continues to skyrocket in Gros Islet?

If you answered NO to all of these then you share my sentiments that NOW is the time for a fresh face and new leadership in the most highly populated constituency in Saint Lucia!

NOW is the time to support and encourage a young man to answer the call for better representation for all! I feel this urgent and genuine need to call out a young man who loves his community with all his heart to take up the call to a higher level of service.

A man who is not there for Flambeau or for Labour but a genuine Jean Gros Islet who is the epitome of strength in adversity and with the story that is Kenson Casimir, Gros Islet WILL rise again because we will have representation from someone who has seen and felt it all.”

The responses to Fevrier’s social media post has so far received positive feedback, with many saying Casimir’s political representation for Gros Islet is long overdue.

Here are some of the responses:

JuLie Versatile Gonzague: “A longgggggg time coming! I entertained the idea in 2005/2006 fwd 13 years later I fully endorse this in 2019!! Let’s go BayBay❤️”

Julian Charles: “I endorse this 1000%”

Cassie Emmanuel: “It was about damn time. Bay bay hurry nahhh!!!”

Tracy Francis-Smith: “Endorsed! Kenson Bay Bay Casimir you have my full support!”

Rose Harris: “This is great news but am afraid power will influence him wrongly.”

JuLie Versatile Gonzague: “Rose Harris least of my fears. Too humble!”

Lisa C. Joahil: “Wow! I felt this Miguel! #BayBay4GrosIslet!!!! The people have spoken!”

Leo Bernie Ultimateben: “Kenson Bay Bay Casimir, you need to call me bruh.”

Calixte George Jr.: “It’s time! ?”

Cherrish da Times: “I got to agree since this spider guy said I’m 2 emotional when it comes to politics I guess he don’t have a heart at least someone do I endorse this post.”

Sherma Alexander: “You have my support bro!”

St. Lucia News Online has since contacted Casimir via social media for a response and will update you as soon as we receive a one.


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  1. We have been trying these old hard back men from the establishment for many years now. But where exactly has it got us?

    I for one tired of Spider. He is back to his old 2006 ways. Missing in action all term long and will reappear paving roads in 2021 ... just like he did in 2011. Well Montoute will be in for another rude awakening.

    I rather give Bay Bay my vote than waste it on another term for Spider.

    #No3rdTerm #BayBay4GrosIslet


  2. When Richard and a drunk endorse you....dont end up like that other journalist....check yourself....dont wreck yourself!


  3. Its amazing how all these SLP hacks hated Richard a few years ago and now quick to drink whatever he is offering. Young man I don't know you personally but having an endorsement or any form of support from Mr.Richard is nothing positive. Best of luck though!! uhvwaitay, emma run down to soufriere, SLP now pushing this young man, Richard why don't you come run yourself, we waiting for you to run in Gros Islet Richard


  4. He would be an improvement over Spider by default since Spider has been none existent since the election was called. I truly believed spider is against all the corruption taking place but like King is putting his financial and political well-being over the country's. Which can be seen as worse


  5. SLP politrical add. Hope they pay for it. I also hope that this youngster recognizes his talent and is not tricked by getting into this political @game of thorns." Don't ruin your rep son.


  6. Labour political nonsense. the guy tried to run in Emma position a few years ago. SO this is just Labour political mischief. I am a Jean Go Zelay and know Baybay too well. And if Richard Frederick endorse you, that is not something to shout about. SMH.


  7. Why would I vote for s young boy for his job to earn 20 thousand dollars a month what is in it for me a man of 54 years old exploited by the private sector working for a thousand dollars a month to support a family


    • Which politician earns $20,000? In which country? If you think he is too young to vote for because you are 54 yrs old just say that! Not even the PM gets $20,000 for your information.


  8. Richard will mention anything or person to contest a seat and the roaches will shout yay.


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