“Kenny Anthony reduced to student status on IMPACS” – UNITEDPAC

“Kenny Anthony reduced to student status on IMPACS” – UNITEDPAC

ba2d8393-6ae7-40a1-8c58-22acaa5352b2PRESS RELEASE – Critics or opponents of PM Dr. Anthony might have felt for him this week. It was his time to face the scrutiny of the European Union, French and the British officials and sadly the professor was reduced to student status.

It was obvious even with their diplomacy, from their choice of words and seriousness the officials did not mince matters with Dr. Anthony and our Prime Minister However sympathy for Dr. Anthony would have to be short lived as he is in a quandary of his own doing.

He claims seeing an alleged ‘hit list’ even which the police have indicated is not a hit list and has explained why. It seems fair to say that alleged ‘hit list’ combined with what Dr. Anthony read from the IMPACS report about ‘staged killings’ will contradict any inquest results that says the killings were lawful and that seems to be the juicy bacon the international community is chasing.

Dr. Anthony now stands as conductor, orchestra and audience in this whole soap opera and the music is now his to face and dance to. But unfortunately he has dragged Helen as his dance partner.

The IMPACS report in Dr. Anthony’s domain seems to be used, for attack purposes, whenever and at whomever he sees fit. Was that the intention of the report? A political toy? He listens to no one and definitely not Mary Francis. Who has he shared the report with?

But he, as law professor and minister of finance gives the DPP no evidence and no resources to work with. So the chickens have come home and the International Community is fast after that juicy bacon. Meanwhile St. Lucia is caught in a sordid mess from the game called political advantage by any means necessary and at whatever the cost.

We all witnessed the press conference. It was a joint meeting and so why not a joint press briefing as is seen all over the world. Was Dr. Anthony ashamed to have been present? Will he have a press conference of his own? Should St. Lucians have heard all of that information from the international community and not from our own Prime Minister? The disrespect continues.


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  1. Look like we have a new prime minister in Saint Lucia. Where I the' Kenny and Tony' who saw the police hit list? Hiding behind EU diplomat? ''O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive". I would like to see him get out of the web he spun around himself.


  2. Boujon Guiyave is constipated by the bull shit spewed by Kenny and his cronies that he can differentiate fact from fiction. I think this piece had a lot to chew on and believe or not noone believes Kenny anymore. They are toast. Its almost inevitable that ti pwen toute is the next PM of Saint Lucia.


  3. This mysterious, secretive and up until now anonymous Unitedpac is the most reactionary alliance in the region since that of John Compton and Eugenia Charles. After all weren't the main culprits involved in inviting the US to invade Grenada? Given half a chance this pac will prove itself more dangerous as is reflected by their faceless mode operation. I cannot take anything this organisation says or do serious as it cannot be forced to own up to anything. Until such time you will remain in the annals of your own imagination and consume yourself dreaming your ultra conservative dreams.


    • Contrary to your coolaid thinking brain they seem to be more of a danger to the SLP that the main opposition themselves. In fact this article given me cause for a pause and to reflect on the SLP campaign the last general elections. I was one of those fooled and i am determined to take revenge at the polls. Noone takes me for a fool. Until then i await that bell. PS Focus on the message not the messenger


  4. It's a dam shame we are so divided as a people that we always need outside intervention from other nationalities to help us put our island's problems into proper prospective especially countries who have worse things to handle than us wooow i wonder when will we as a people stop needing the MASSA type intervention to make us fix what we can fix our selves is it because we always think we need hand outs from MASSA 2b what an who we wana b woow no wonder so many of us seek cover overseas with hope of governmental mentality change 4da better b4 we die to finally enjoy the land that gave us birth as ST.LUCIANS.


  5. Better Days are going by the wayside day by day. Beer and chicken legs with $100 bills will not save the day. Its is coming down from that single strand of hair on election night.


  6. What a scene in the public market square of international opinion! Who we! As they keeping on fooling themselves that they are best the West Indies has on offer, they are being hanged on their own petard. Some very smart people those people are.


  7. I myself was ashamed when I first read the article.
    I felt I was called to the principal's or boss office especially when I read that they would follow up on progress made with regards to the issues raised.


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