“Kenny Anthony Goverment bankrupt of ideas” – UWP

“Kenny Anthony Goverment bankrupt of ideas” – UWP
UWP Party Leader Allen Chastanet greet party supporters.
UWP Party Leader Allen Chastanet greet party supporters.
UWP Party Leader Allen Chastanet greet party supporters.

PRESS RELEASE – It is in fact a pity that the outgoing Kenny Anthony Government is now so bankrupt of ideas!

After four years in office, its only response to the grave health care problems facing our county is by attacking Allen Chastanet for putting forward solutions for more affordable and quality health care.

Like most St. Lucians, the United Workers’ Party is looking forward not backward. The Party seeks to afford every St Lucian not merely a service but their one basic human right of proper and adequate healthcare services and systems. The times call for new, innovative ideas to solving both old and new problems. This means creating novel policies based on ideas such as medical insurance, to provide the people of St. Lucia with affordable health care services and the government with a sustainable health care system.

It is our job as a government in waiting to raise and discuss these ideas with the people of St. Lucia. That is what leadership is all about. The Kenny Anthony Government should by no means criticize the efforts of Mr. Chastanet, when his government has for the past three years refused to commission the eleven (11) dialysis machines made available.

We are not interested in the demons that seem to be haunting those on the other side who have little to show after four years in office. We are committed to taking St. Lucia and all St. Lucians to a better, happier, more fulfilling place. It’s time to get back to work as a nation and build the future that we know is within our grasp.

The time to take the first step on that road to a better life will soon be here. The United Workers’ Party invites all St. Lucians to be patient for a little while longer and choose your future wisely.


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  1. Getting back to PEP. Leo was all over Anse La Raye undermining the guy, if you wanted a job in the constituency you had see Leo not PEP, that's why PEP threaten the with resignation which would call for a bye election. They couldn't take that risk and loose which would disrupt Kenny's cabinet, because one of his ministers would have to be deputy speaker.
    After all that undermining Leo had the nerve to sit next the guy at his press conference. What a shame.


  2. It's not the Kenny Anthony Govt that's bereft of ideas, it's the St. Lucia Governmental system that continues to defraud the masses. Kenny is just the head honcho on the plantation. Lucians wake up and get real. Chastanet and co are part of the same crown system elected to suck the blood of all willing participants. Many suffering souls will cry out for Spiritual Light but few will find it. Most Lucians av sold their souls to Religion and Politics. The clamp down is in full effect. Remember the kingdom of God is within you my friends. Are you intelligent enough to to look within?


  3. The fat off corruption have clogged their attries causing less oxigen in their brain, how can they think. IDEAS! What ideas.


  4. You mean 11 eleven Dialysis machines are sitting there waiting
    for someone to put it to use all these years? what's going on Min: of Health?


    • So you can get exactly what we had 8 years ago, dysfunctional, leaderless and everyone for themselves government. They keep rehashing and throwing the same recycled people at us thinking things will change and we are stupid. Keep on dreaming my brethren's, we have all partaken in drinking the cool-aid. Our memories are short and we want instant gratification.
      We keep voting the same people in and expect to achieve different results, the very definition of insanity. Be careful what you ask for.... These guys are no better than those in power presently. They have had their time in office and had a terrible time leading this country.... We need new blood and none of these guys are fit to be leaders of people. This is the same group that is struggling to keep order within their ranks but we want them to lead a nation.


    • Good luck with that! Allen and Company has yet to tell us what they will do to change things in this country. Telling people that they will not need a visa to go to a certain country. Pure foolishness! This is just plain stupid. Allen Chastanet needs to come with concrete plans that works. I could give a history of what Kenny has done but Allen needs to come better than that


  5. It is such a joke to see in this 21 st century people still using building of roads, schools and bridges as a means to define progress. Basic things a government must provide. SMH.
    No out of the box ideas, no innovation.
    Posting pics of bridges built, roads fixed , schools built, foot paths erected is not my idea of progress. These things no longer impresses me. If it was in the year 1816 again I would understand.


    • All such country ideas show how irrelevant such frauds are to our national development. Roads. Bridge repairs. Lights on electrical posts. Needed water connections. They are all very good. But you need a budget to fund those.

      Most of all, this puts too much power and control to jsut one person, the Minister of Finance, to DERAIL the political careers of those who have better ideas to replace her or him. All the Minister of Finance can do to remain Queen or King, is to defund or under-fund a constituency. The representative whether in his party or not, is made to look totally useless. The Pep bottle has my sympathy.

      This is another reason why the SLP has no logical successor today. No one has been groomed to take over in case of any kind of emergency.

      SLP is so very tribal. They are antiques and outdated. The grey hairs in that party are such retards and dotish, that they don't realize that this is the 21st century, even today. Oh what a set of foolish blundering people!


      • I agree with the last post totally! But what is our option right now? Please tell me because I don't see one. Sad!


        • to put pressure on the opposition and asking for a change in the system if they come into power.
          like a separation of Finance and PM / introducing a referendum when it come to important decisions / maximum term for a PM / ...


      • No one has been groomed in the UWP either. and that is still a huge problem even today. My opinion is that many in the SLP want to be "King" but very few or none have what it takes even if they dont realise it. being PM is not about inflating the ego. Its about the nation's interest. and doing what is best for the country you represent first and foremost. the SLP have failed this test over and over. Kenny Anthony will sacrifice the nation for his boys. Juffalli is just one example. so is CIP. what sane person does that at the risk of his own political career and future? what sane person is given an opportunity to represent his country at the highest level and brings the nation into such international disrepute? People might forget local bobol, but they not likely to forget what the whole world has shown them about a particular government. And it means that as a voter I need an alternative and it is is not Kenny and his boys. so i may not be convinced entirely by Chastanet but I willing to give him a chance because i have seen what Kenny and Co. capable of. and i want no part of it.


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