Kendal Felix gives police details on landlord’s murder!

Kendal Felix gives police details on landlord’s murder!
Kendal Felix has confessed to killing
Kendal Felix has confessed to killing landlord Menachem “Max” Stark (inset)

A St. Lucian-born man has confessed to the abduction and killing of a Brooklyn landlord because his father – a preacher – taught him not to lie, according to court documents revealed earlier this month by the New York Post.

Felix, 26, was arrested in April and pleaded not guilty on July 11 to murder and kidnapping in the death of Menachem “Max” Stark who was abducted while leaving his office during a snowstorm on January 2, 2014. His charred body was later found in a garbage bin.

Felix was reportedly asked by police if his father taught him to speak the truth.

“Detective, you are right about that and I want to speak truthful about what happened,” Felix responded, according to the documents.

The defendant then went on to spill the beans.

He told investigators that his boss, identified only as “Erskine” approached him in December 2013 and complained that “Max” [Stark] owed him money and that if Felix helped him force Stark to pay up, that he would give him a cut, said the documents, which were released after the suspect’s arraignment in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

On the day of the murder, January 2, Felix and Erskine allegedly lay in wait as snow fell outside Stark’s Williamsburg office, The Post reported.

“Erskine told [Felix] that when Max comes out that he should distract him . . . When Max came out of his office [Felix] said he got out of the van and called to Max,” cops wrote in the documents, paraphrasing Felix’s confession.

“At that point, Erskine came out from the other side of the van and rushed up to Max. Kendal claimed to be a weakling so he didn’t really get involved with scuffling with Max as Erskine was.”

The two men then forced the struggling Stark into a van, the papers said.

“Erskine was directing [Felix] where to drive as he was trying to tie up and tape up Max,” the papers said, adding that the men then picked up Erskine’s brother, identified only as “Kendall,” who said, “What the f–k is this?” when he got into the van.

The men then drove over to the home of another man, named only as “Irvine,” who said, “Is that guy alive?” when he got into the van.

“I said, ‘He’s breathing,’ but when Irvine checked he said, ‘The dude is dead!’ ” Felix said, according to court papers.

Irvine then got out of the van, and Erskine went back to check whether anything was happening near Stark’s office.

“He then called Kendall and told him to, ‘Get the f–k out of here cause the police be all over Max’s block,’ ” the court papers said.

Felix and Kendall then drove to Long Island.

“Kendall saw a dumpster and said we’ll put him in there, so I pull up and Kendall had to put him in the Dumpster, as I’m not strong to do it,” Felix told the detectives, according to the court papers.

The duo drove to a gas station to fill soda bottles with gasoline and buy a lighter, then drove back to set the body on fire, the papers said.

None of the three other men named in the documents has been charged because prosecutors said they don’t have enough evidence.




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  1. You may high and righteous, but you are who you associate with. You should know better. I wish you the best, brother. PEACE!!!✌


  2. To the person who used the word "nigga" where did you learn that derogatory word? Do you know what it means? Do you know it is an insulting, demeaning and disgusting word? Pick yourself up and do not humiliate your race. Do not use that word. Be proud of where you came from. Don't adopt everything you hear. Be smarter than that.


  3. Everyone has they own right to pass judgement.... there are many pole out there who would react the same way.. some get caught some dont... there are 3 sides to a story at the end of the day judgement will be upon Kendall but who are we to judge...... yes he had a choice and like I stated


  4. i know u very well,and am sorry for what happened........born and raised in a christian home,,i know its the devil,,he made u follow the bad ones...,,kendal am praying for u and ur family...........................the devil is a liar...the battle is not urs my boy..its the lord.


  5. his father taught him to talk the truth but no wisdom at the end of the day a true criminal don't get caught u had a long drive to do with that body for you to survive but yt u thought u had get away with it well at first I woodnt hav take that deal if I was u I woodnt hav use my father truck to do it criminal still vehicles to get crime done need a mask and gloves nxt time booboo use ur brain now money cant take u out from where u at you lost ur family,money,fun,freinds, and MAX RIP MAX


  6. Mate? Just one of the many thousands of idiots being born and produced by this country by the minute.


  7. ya'll think is bad company. That's how they are. They leave st. Lucia with their bad habits. Sad that it had to come to that. But now you have to put your self in the Starks family shoes. They lost a love one and guess what.......
    you do the crime so just do your time.


    • What's those who have been sent to prison and found to have been innocent.
      Have you thought, it could even happen to you?


  8. Well said *Sorry"....JC real talk ...its real f up.. in all aspects. God nuh sleep dis a bouy did in my time n feel he to hot looking all a dem weh brooklyn they all wa go hard when the touch the streets but ;JAH know say its not the way.. judgement fi u my bouy u n friends killed a jew.. I'm not to judge the out come of the case buh justice must reveal.sorry pah poh in the bin u gon stay


  9. Father taught me not to lie my ass...Speak the truth my ass.Not in America.I would shut my black ass and play dumb.Sorry either we all go down together or none goes to jail.Boy u are very honest.


    • He is honest because they caught him on surveillance camera when they abducted the man. He dont have a choice.


  10. MY NIGGA !! I feel real bad the way thing turn out for you and the victim, and the situation you find your self in right now.

    But you know a lot of people will talk. But a few know how it is when you be working hard in that New york Cold Winter and you have to make rent money and eat as an illegal alien.

    You probably try to threaten dude to get your money. But things did not work out as planned.

    So here goes the next chapter of your life. Though not pretty learn from this big mistake and move on.

    Do your time and live for a better tomorrow.