Karate-Do Federation Saint Lucia to hold consultations on Draft Strategic Plan

Karate-Do Federation Saint Lucia to hold consultations on Draft Strategic Plan

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – KFStLu will over two weekends, Saturday 8th and 15th September 2018 host two important calendar activities at the Orchid Centre in Union, and the Olympic Headquarters respectively.

On Saturday 8THSeptember, the National Executive Committee,, Affiliates and supporters will engaged in a consultation on the all important Draft Strategic Plan. We hope to energise a renewed thrust into the Martial Art of Karate here. Bearing in Mind Karate is the Newest Olympic sport, and will be in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic.

It’s imperative that we organise and self equip with the workings/requirements of the Pan American Karate Federation/World Karate Federation, Saint Lucia Olympic Committee and other associated entity to be in tuned with the requirements of a growing and demanding Olympic Sport in all its phases.

KFStLu have organised and promote the Good governance programmes, participated in Olympic Qualifiers, and recently in Columbia, which proven to be very rewarding to the Federation, that experience is taking on positive Root.

In April, we facilitated our First Referees & Judges Seminar which was conducted by Cleveland Baxter; Chairman of the Pan-American Karate Federation Referee Commission (PKF) and Member of the World Karate-Do Federation Commission (WKF) Mr. Baxter is also member of the United States Karate Federation.

Three Follow-up session are scheduled, On Saturday 25th August, the 1st of Three Referees & Judges Training was held, which will hopefully qualified person to officiate at KFStLu sanction Tournaments.

These sessions will be conducted by the Technical Committee under the direction of Technical Director, Mr. Ezra Jn Baptiste.

On Saturday 15th September 2018 we host an Anti Doping seminar which will be facilitated by an Official knowledgeable in the Field.

The Karate-Do Federation Saint Lucia (KFStLu) appeals to affiliates to make good this opportunity and attend.


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