Kai Manje at Ti Kaye Resort and Spa receives Wine Spectator Award

Kai Manje at Ti Kaye Resort and Spa receives Wine Spectator Award

PRESS RELEASE – Wednesday the 8th July 2015 will be a date firmly ingrained in the history of Ti Kaye Resort & Spa.

It was the day we were informed that our Kai Manje Restaurant had been honored with the prestigious 2nd level Wine Spectator ‘Best of Award of Excellence’.

Owner Nicholas Pinnock says “We believe this award is not only fantastic for Ti Kaye Resort & Spa, but also for our beautiful island of Saint Lucia as a destination.

The award gives Kai Manje recognition for our island grass roots Creole cuisine, tradition and culture combined with our superb breadth and depth of wines.

The ‘Best of Award of Excellence’ puts Kai Manje in a very elite group of being one of only seven restaurants in the entire Caribbean to have this 2nd level award, and is the first and only one in Saint Lucia.

It also means Saint Lucia is one of only three Caribbean islands to have a 2nd level award winning restaurant, and is the only island in the Lesser Antilles”.

General Manager Ms. Sarah Watts says “The timing couldn’t have been better. My husband and I celebrate our 3 year anniversary here at Ti Kaye next week, and to receive this award now couldn’t be a better celebratory gift!

This is a huge achievement for the whole team here at Ti Kaye Resort & Spa, but especially for the Kai Manje wine and culinary team.

To apply for, and be awarded an ‘Award of Excellence’ on our very first application back in 2013 was wonderful.

To be awarded it again in 2014 was amazing. This year however to receive a ‘Best of Award of Excellence’, therefore including Kai Manje within a privileged few Caribbean restaurants, is simply magnificent”.

“It has been a tough 3 years. We have spent 1000’s of man-hours sourcing, counting (as well as drinking) wines. Anyone who manages inventories of this size and stature will tell you it is not just a job, but takes an insurmountable amount of passion and dedication.

We also invested heavily in a re-design of our main kitchen back in 2013, as well as creating new culinary positions.

This was to ensure that the food which accompanies our superb vast array of over 500 different wines also infuses as many local and traditional Creole ingredients as possible.

Even with this esteemed award, Kai Manje Restaurant and Ti Kaye Resort & Spa will remember who we are, a traditional Saint Lucian resort that has developed and grown with the strength of the whole Ti Kaye team”.

In May of this year Ti Kaye hosted Fred Zammataro, COO, CFO and EVP of Schramsberg Vineyards in Napa Valley, California.

Fred held the first wine maker’s dinner at Kai Manje and when contacted with the news of our award, Fred commented “Congratulations on earning this very distinguished award from Wine Spectator.

It is well deserved not only for Kai Manje restaurant and your fine underground wine cellar, but for Ti Kaye Resort & Spa and its team. Kudos! I’m really looking forward to coming back”.

[From Wine Spectator]: Wine Spectator’s Restaurant Wine List Awards recognize restaurants whose wine lists offer interesting selections, are appropriate to their cuisine and appeal to a wide range of wine lovers.

Our second-tier award, created to give special recognition to restaurants that clearly exceed the requirements of the Award of Excellence.

These lists typically offer 350 or more selections, along with superior presentation, and display either vintage depth, with several vertical offerings of top wines, or excellent breadth across several wine regions.


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  1. Congratulations Claus and Dwight !
    I saw this press release only today,sorry for my tardiness. Well deserved mates. Claus,you are truly an asset to this place. Everyone needs to know.


  2. It's rather sad that the staff at Ti Kaye never get recognized for their hard work. My partner and i visited the resort just 3months ago and i must agree with (iluv st luc) comment. Why are the G.Ms stealing the staff spotlight? this is very disappointing.... Why is the owner allowing this???


  3. I love St Lucia and I love Ti Kaye . . . and it is disconcerting that so many comments have a negative tone. Even a competitor trying to steal away the employees of Ti Kaye is somehow able to give the staff associated with this award more praise than the G.M. couple who run Ti Kaye. The veil of animosity is thin and the atmosphere that the G.M. couple in charge create is obvious and it is not something to be proud of . The plantation atmosphere is alive and thriving to the detriment of the majority if the staff there at Ti Kaye. Whatever happened to that amazing Chef Ed? He was so nice and treated us like family, and he made us a special dish that was the best thing we ever tasted anywhere and we've traveled extensively. I love Ti Kaye but this atmosphere concerns me. I hope somebody sits down and works with this G.M. couple and teach them a little gratitude and humility. When Nick ran the place it had such a nicer atmosphere.




  5. Am a member of the ti kaye family. I must say that we the staff are hardly ever recognise. I think that it's high time that staff get recognition for out standing work. Ti kaye is doing very well at the moment,through the staff hard work and dedication to the hotel hence the reason ti kaye has worn these awards. trip advisor,wine spectator etc... The next question is are the staff being paid by the efforts they put in day and night. I love working with my colleagues,ti kaye will never ever get more genuine staff like this ever!the time will come when managers in charge will wish that they did things differently.. We are frustrated. I hope the owner sees this and make changes quickly before things get out of hand ...I say to the managers stop finding faults and start motivating us today...


  6. We at an established property on island have contacted these two individuals in Cleus and Dwight and expressed our desire in they joining our team, but I must say these are two of the most loyal employees that I've come across. The loyalty that they show to thus establishment is immeasurable .

    Hence it's funny how our corporate partners in the industry doesn't see it fit to give a shout out to them. Weon this side say thank you to Cleus and Dwight for raising the awareness and importance of wine in such a fragile industry as ours.

    If by any chance you're reading this feel free to contact you know who we are . Once again thanks to you two.


  7. The funny thing also is that the ministry of Tourism hasn't even bothered to comment on this achievement. It's sad enough that theses managers grabs all the credit. But it's a sorry situation the leaders if the industry plays this down also. Anyway what happened to the amazing Clues Charles and Dwight Berthier, wow I must say these guys work their ass of for this and not a mention Sad so Sad!


  8. What does the manager anniversary has to do with the resturant winning a prestigious award, and true how come they are no mention of any of their esteemed staff member's is it only the owner and the manger worked on getting this award ? wow


  9. I agree. We had the previledge to meet Clius and were blown away by his impeccable knowledge. He should be working at a finer restaurant for he very good at what he does (Per Se or other top cellars here in new york.


  10. The sommelier Cleus Charles deserves recognition for this. Why was he not mentioned. Its all his work and the Gm's nor Nick pinnock (the owner) highlighted. This guy is brilliant. Absolutley brilliant!! They're lucky to have him around. We've been around and never have we seen such a dedicated and enthusiastic gentleman..


  11. It's pretty amazing the person or persons who built this project from scratch ain't even getting a mention. Wow!


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