JUSTUS gives back

JUSTUS gives back

ff697666-9027-4886-87c3-fe8de6688670PRESS RELEASE – JUSTUS and the Evergreen Singers; both initiatives from the MUSICMAN Learning Centre; this past Saturday 5th December 2015 at BELARGO Park in Cap Estate joined forces with SLALA (The St Lucia Arthiritis and Lupus Association) for the 2015 Children’s Charity Event.

Both JUSTUS and the Evergreen Singers engaged in caroling and entertained those presents with selected pieces from their 2015 Christmas Production “Tis The Season” scheduled to take place on Thursday 17th December 2015 at the Bay Gardens Hotel from 7:00PM.


Glen Lake, Public Relations and Marketing for JUSTUS believes that, it is an opportunity for us to all give back to the community. “We may not be able to support financially but we can give joy with our voices.

We have actually made this event an annual one in the groups’ roster and that keeps us grounded; I mean there is nothing which brings more joy than seeing the crowd, both young and old smiling and enjoying our harmonies and movement.”


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  1. Molly If you are referring to the Festival of Carols, you need to take into consideration the acoustics which are horrible in the Cathedral, please contact me and I will offer you a complimentary pass to our Christmas Show so you can see what happens when the acoustics are what it should be.

    Thanks again for your "constructive criticism"


  2. Good gesture! But, you guys need to work on your craft. I saw your last performance. There was absolutely no group cohesion. I barely heard any harmonies and the arrangements were too simple. Y'all looked like a group of Divas trying to sing out each other.

    I think that this is constructive criticism.


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