Junior Chef Factor to thrill local audience

Junior Chef Factor to thrill local audience

Thirteen persons competed in the first chapter of the Junior Chef Competition yesterday, August 11 at Cap Maison Resort and Spa.

Each contestant were required to prepare unique meals using chicken, creativity, and local produce to wow the judges.

The competition, which was developed by Seashell Consulting and Cap Maison Resort and Spa, will head into its second chapter on August 23 and will end on September 30. The competition will be created into a television production airing in November this year on Sundays and a repeat broadcast on Wednesdays.

Chief Executive Officer of Seashell Consulting Hanna Fitz said the competition is aimed at “awakening the dreams of young individuals, who want to become chefs in the future. So we develop a TV show as a way of reaching out to the whole community, not only for those participating in the show to be inspired, but persons watching at home can say well I can be that some day.”

Fitz stated that the contestants will compete in over seven episodes of the competition for the title of junior chef factor. The winner she explained will be awarded with a place on the Caribbean team to travel to Florida in 2015.

The chief executive officer also stated that the winner will be awarded with three months apprenticeship with Chef Craig Jones at the Cliff at Cap Restaurant, which has been recognised by the New York Times as one of the best tables on Saint Lucia.

“We are also giving them a professional knife set valued over EC$1,000. We also have other partners like Crown Foods, who will be providing us with not just regular proteins but with a lot of exotic stuff so viewers can look out for all sorts of weird stuff coming out of these episodes like frog legs and all different things,” Fitz added.

“We are trying not only to see their skills, but test their creativity and also monitor them under pressure since they have a time limit in which each dish should be prepared,” she said.

The show is also aimed at accelerating the careers of the contestants and take them to places they have always dreamed of, Fitz said. The whole point of it is to show persons that their dreams can be realised.

Yesterday’s cuisine was judged by a panel of four chefs: Xavier Ribot, Orlando Satchell, Craig Jones and Robby Skeete.

Each judge shared the same sentiments, stating that they are looking for the younger generation to become more involved in the cooking industry. They hope that the contestants can use their creativity and the local produce to sell Caribbean cuisine on an international market.

Nine persons will now move on to the second chapter of this competition. The group of contestants include: Anthony Leon, Robert George, Cherene Fitz, Delan Faucher, Aaron Pascal, Vernance Dore Kenyan Jn Pierre, Edna Butcher and Mkiva Theophilus.

The title sponsor of the television show is Boka Group, owners of Belvedere Estate in Canaries (formerly Anse Mahaut Estate). The gold sponsors are: Cap Maison Resort & Spa, Seashell Consulting Inc., Mediazone and Choice Television; silver sponsors: Crowne Foods, RJB Limited; bronze sponsors: Monroe College, Saint Lucia Marketing Board; and collateral sponsors: Digicel, Plant Grow Eat, Courts St. Lucia and Bank of Saint Lucia.

A sneak preview into the first episode reveals that it will take place at an organic farm with the lack of stoves for cooking.


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