Julietta Gonzague is the new face of the SLP


New St Lucia Labour Party PRO Julietta Gonzague (right) with Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel.

Julietta Gonzague is the new public relations officer (PRO) of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

Gonzague, who up until recently taught at the Vide Boutielle Secondary School, is better known to the St .Lucian public as Julie Bee, the calypsonian.  She has a bachelors degree in mass communications from Grambling State University.

At her inaugural press conference on Friday, the SLP PRO tackled a number of issues in the public domain including the findings of the Review on the use of Taiwanese Funds by the former United Workers Party (UWP) administration.

Gonzague accused the UWP of sidestepping the damning issues contained in the report.

In all of Allen Chastenet’s arguments, she said, he has yet to respond to a revelation in the audit implicating him: the existence of five cheques totalling $38,644 which were used to fund his election campaign in Soufriere.

The UWP organization maintained that during its tenure funds were managed appropriately, however Gonzague pointed out that the audit’s contents are clear as day, conducted by qualified individuals and substantiated by official documentation.

According to Gonzague, further audits are being undertaken into other social development activities, the results of which will be revealed at a later date.

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  1. young men and women grow up

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  3. congrats girl but im still disappointed in the slp government i keep further comments to my self

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  5. Best wishes Julie, don't mind the negative comments, keep doing what you do best!

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  7. Jadia Jn. Pierre Emmanuel will now gain employment as an Economist at the Ministry of Agriculture. Who else will receive the job? I wonder why it is even being published on the government website!

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  9. It's a shame how pathetically divided the nation is. People would swear by a colour. Shame on you all. Elevate yourself and free your minds from the yellow and red. Don't insult the young lady she made a move as a young professional. For those asking if she will be making 8000 salary. She is the PRO for the SLP PARTY not the government of salary. Nothing to do with the public coffers. So please stop thinking in Red & Yellow ALL the time. I thank goodness I not involved in those SLP and UWP rubbish. That's why the country cant go anywhere. One day St. Lucians will free themselves of IGNORANCE and open their minds.

    • Then she should've worn a different colour...not red!

    • she made a move as a young "professional" and what she chose to do is become the propoganda mouth piece for a rediculous poltiical party? What becomes of her when the SLP is out of office and the funds run out to pay her? I would not consider this a smart move.

      And Proud Lucian just becuase it is a woman does not mean that everyone should be supportive. Get over your gender base nonsense.

      • Mary what is wrong with the position. You say ridiculous, where were you when corruption ran rampant during 2006 and 2011. I believe that jealousy is alive and well and you Mary is a jealous individual. Go Juju....en rouge,, en rouge, en rouge

        • En rouge did not bring you any wealth as yet so shut up! How comes I don't see the lives of those who supported en rouge any different.
          You talk about corruption, well corruption is also in the guise of Roacha smell, NCA, Helenites and grynberg. Add them about and you may total enough money to have fixed the country.

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  11. So young ~ So foolish! Joining a dead horse organisation such as the ruling SLP at this time. Very unpopular Govt right now. Not a thinking move at all sweetheart. You should have built your career in the teaching profession instead. What a loss of a gem for Vide Boutielle Secondary School. Poor kids. SMH

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  13. Very Happy for her..she is coming from humble beginnings and has always been articulate and brave..fyi who She is ot making 8000 and not even half..and I KNOW FOR SURE..DAMN FIGHT DOWNS...UWP NOT GIVING YOUNG PEOPLE OPPORTUNITIES LIKE THAT..INSTEAD YOU ALL APPLAUD YOU ALL FIGHTING DOWN..DUMB!

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  15. What is the relevance of her face or salary? Give the girl a chance to prove herself? Why Lucians like that and some of them when in the same position can't do any better? Get a life or rather try to improve what you have because its clearly not satisfying if you feel you have to put someone else down to get gratification.

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  17. So you have a Press Secretary, A Communications Attache and Now a PRO.. Jobs for the boys!!

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  19. Well Bachelor's in mass communication. Expect more crap from SLP.

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  21. SLP using the young people. applause to that!!! that's what we need in St. Lucia; more young people given an opportunity to prove themselves. Bravo SLP

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  23. They were not interested in Tom Chou why should they care how the money was spent.

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  25. These two young women are great representatives of the country. Congrats to both.

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  27. I leave them 4 morgie

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  29. Nice face but won't make much of a difference as long as Leo Clarke and Cladius Francis are advising her.

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  31. Congrats to her, on this new venture in that capacity, I attended Vide Boutielle Secondary with her, thou I was senior to her, but it is of no surprise that she in that field of work....wish her all the best....

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  33. That's Me Alright.

    Two little reds riding in the hood.

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  37. I want to know if she getting $8000 salary like d press secretary.........

    • so what if she is. She has her qualifications. You jealous or not?

      • if is 8grand for a PRO job I better get into journalism fast. lets b real. u talk about qualifications. when the PM said his own salary is 10grand. so her position is almost of same importance as the PM, she makin decisions for the country?? yall mus understand statements b4 u come and comment. she may hav d qualifications but is it an 8grand salary job? anyways b4 u reply with more non sense.


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