PRESS RELEASE: “Julien at 15 has made history” – Saint Lucia gov’t congratulates Commonwealth Youth champ

PRESS RELEASE: “Julien at 15 has made history” – Saint Lucia gov’t congratulates Commonwealth Youth champ
Julien Alfred of Saint Lucia (left) crosses the finisn line ahead of Australian Louise Riley, who took the silver medal.
Julien Alfred of Saint Lucia (left) crosses the finisn line ahead of Australian Louise Riley, who took the silver medal.

The Government of Saint Lucia congratulates 15-year-old Julien Alfred who has won our island’s first Gold Medal and first Track medal at the Commonwealth Youth Games in The Bahamas on Thursday July 20th 2017.

Ms. Alfred was victorious in the girl’s under-18 100m dash and crossed the finish line in 11.56 seconds, where she triumphed over Australian Louise Riley, who took the silver medal, and Canada’s Deondra Green, who took the bronze.

Speaking about the accomplishment, Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment, Honourable Lenard Montoute, said that this is a time of immense pride for all Saint Lucians and called on citizens to rally around the entire team.

“Julien at 15 has made history and we celebrate with her in this achievement,” stated the Acting Prime Minister. “On behalf of the Government, I wish to congratulate Ms. Alfred on this great success and triumph and to say collectively that we are so proud of her. She is a superb athlete and is testimony of what we can achieve in sports.”

In 2015 Julien Alfred received the St Lucia Junior Sportswoman of the Year Award.

Saint Lucia currently has a team of 23 competing in different disciplines at the Games in Nassau, Bahamas from July 18th to July 23rd.

“I take the opportunity to call on Saint Lucians to rally around our entire team at the Commonwealth Youth Games and all our athletes around the world, including our coaches, who make sacrifices and work so hard to represent us at this level,” stated Minister Montoute.


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  1. What the Government can do to really congratulate Julian other than talk as usual is to get the damn hospital out of the stadium. It's been almost 9 years. Then maintain and upgrade the existing facilities and I don't mean just putting lights up on fields. Just today, wet fete was held on a facility that so much money was poured into. Earlier this year, Mindoo Phillip Park was a mess at the very start of the track season. Stop the talk and show the young people that you value their development and the development of sports.


  2. Amazing. Beautiful. Keep on training extremely hard. Olympics. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Hooray.


  3. what happen to the U.S. $150.00 monthly allowance that was supposed to be going to Jamaica for her, set up by the former Minister Shawn Edward. Answer that. But you'll will criticize Shawn for doing so much. Julien mother has to borrow money from friend to send to Jamaica to ensure her daughter eats. She has made several calls to the ministry of sports and those at the head either they not taking her calls, always busy doing nothing or out roaming on the streets and now you'll have the heart to say congratulations. Now she win a gold medal everybody want to own her. Every body know her, she struggled in St.Lucia before going to Jamaica. Certain people in the ministry question why is Jamaica she going. The former PS was upset. Now they all on the band wagon. Shame on you'll. personally I want to thank her mother for her efforts and determination, doing her best with the little that she earns at Sandals. Lady, GOD will see you through. her coach Cuthbert Modeste for all the hard work, but still does not get the respect he deserve from the ministry and the Saint Lucia Athletic Association president, well done modeste, to date you have created Makeba Alcide, jeanelle Scheper and now Julien. who's next on your list MR. Modeste. Finally I hope government ministers stay out of the celebration at G.F.L Charles airport. Hypocrics.... Start sending the US$150.00 to Jamaica.


    • Why didn't Shawn Edwards make the $150 usd an automatic monthly payment from the Minister Account from the St Lucia National Lottery?


    • Please do not speak of what you do not understand before you get both this girl and her mother in some serious trouble!! Get your facts right before you come spreading rumors and gossip.


    • We Lucians have a tendency to get one side of the story and then start spreading falsehoods. Ask questions from the relevant persons, analyze both sides of a story and then make an informed decision or comment based on facts. Then responses to your questions may very well open up a can of worms . . .


  4. There should be a larger promotional budget allocation for our brighter lights. We need that kind of spearheading to save our future.

    Demographics is destiny someone said. Let's put our money where our mouth is. Congrats Julien. Grow from strength to strength.


  5. I think Jim Xavier, who was sport director at the time when julien was identified must be commended,it was he and the coach that made the bold effort in sending the child to Jamaica, now we have people up there bigging up their chest,these were the same ones that said they would abuse her in Jamaica


    • But that's Jim Xavier's job. So what are you talking about? The government always congratulates anybody accomplishing any feat for the good of the country. WE must get past this problem of seeing the government as either UWP or SLP, although they themselves can never shed their political skin. The problem is we the people have this problem so the politicians have no choice in representing us in this narrow and stupid view.


  6. 'Until the philosophy, which holds one (school) superior and another inferior, is... discredited and abandoned'... our education system will continue to faithfully and primarily serve the 'powers that be' and their offspring, to the detriment of the wider pool of the most resourceful and talented among us.

    Congratulations Ms. Alfred and your support team for not being discouraged and finding a way to beat this deplorable system of prejudice and favor.


  7. Let's bet Julien did most of it on her own with the push of her coach/manager, het immediate backer(s) and close relatives who just want her to succeed. And it's must have cost them buckets of money. Why am I saying this? Because the Ministry of Sports, whoever they are, are very petty treat young athletes like trash. They disconbobulate or disorganize every important activity which they have to take part in and bring them to the point of leaving them below the bread line or leaving them stranded & penniless when they are to perform in foreign countries. But when the athletes succeed, they run up ahead to grasp the credit.


    • She got support from the government of St.Lucia by sending her to Jamaica to train. We are too fast to be negative. This is a Greatttt story, please don't posts negative comments. Let us encourage more of our youngsters to achieve.


    • Well said Vitalis could not have said it better. There are so many talented young people here on the island but they just dont have the push or drive especially from the government if we say we have a "Ministry of Sports"!! I have been to the La Clery field to watch football matches and sooo many talented young men whom.can be so far along in the game only if they had that drive or assistance rather from the government!! Smh


  8. Again another Saint Lucian female mAKES US PROUD. Can't say the same for the boys. Their heads seem be be soggy with dope and crime.


  9. You go girl! It's high time that something good happens to Saint Lucia and it's a youth who does it! Congrats, my dear as well as Team Saint Lucia!!!!!


    • What do mean high time? You people forgot Darren Sammy, Johnson Charles, Leverne and Jeannelle our great high jumpers that the government always acknowledge.


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