Juffali’s ex-wife awarded £75m divorce settlement

Juffali’s ex-wife awarded £75m divorce settlement
Estrada and Walid Juffali.
Estrada and Walid Juffali.
Estrada and Walid Juffali.

While former model, Christina Estrada was not awarded the £196 million she had sought from her ex-husband Walid Juffali, Estrada walked away smiling when the court awarded her £75 million on Friday.

The British press said this is one of the largest “needs award” arising from a divorce in English legal history.

Estrada now has approximately £22 million alone in assets, which include gifts from Juffali.

She said: “I always wanted to resolve the matter amicably. This process has been incredibly bruising and distressing.”

The former model recalled that she was ‘happily’ married to Juffali for 12 years and have a daughter together, but reminded the British press that he took both a second wife and divorced her without her knowledge.

“His use of diplomatic immunity to try and prevent me from access to a legally binding settlement set a worrying precedent,” she added.

Estrada said she is pleased with the ruling and can now move on with her life.

The High Court in London had heard Estrada claim she needed the money from Juffali to maintain the lifestyle to which she and her daughter are accustomed.


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  1. You know what's funny about people posting on here? If it was any one of you the 1000 dollars your husband got in the bank you would want it. Plus his little plywood house and you would want him to lose his job and go to jail.

    The settlement is inadequate. He's a billionaire. When you get married all you have belongs to that union. So when you divorce it has to be split half/half Or fairly.

    Stop the bias and support the woman. She was with him all this time living the life so if she didn't cheat on him she deserves better compensation.


  2. Gold digger right through. Juffali exploits his people, and that gold miner exploits men. Lets not pretend that either of them are ''good'' people. Im sure either would slit your throat if there was money in it for them.


  3. Finally the High Court has found an amicable way to quantify and satisfy her greed. May money bring her the comfort and joy she deserves.
    Upon the revocation of her ex-husband's diplomatic status we can invite her to Saint Lucia to spend her money on an extended paradise vacation. When that happens I will be hanging out near the exclusive beaches in St. Lucia hoping to catch the eye of a millionaire ex-supermodel as she will be my passport to celebrity status.


  4. I could use about $40,000 of that to pay my school fees. Thank you in advance LOL


  5. The man has 4000 million!! The British Court gave his wife and child ONLY 75 million. He has 3925 million left!!
    What "cleaners"? You people crazy or greedier than Juffali!!


  6. She don't owe St. Lucia anything her husband and ......dragged our Country in their Mess.


  7. "She went to court in Britain seeking $254 million to meet her "reasonable needs" — including $1.3 million a year for clothes."


  8. We weren't even supposed to be involved in this matter. That said, this woman deserves more than that despite how we think the amount is more than enough the law supports that a wife is entitled to an equal share of marital assets despite whether she earned it or not. A good judgement in my opinion she should have gotten more Jufalli is too much of a bigot and chauvinist but they could only touch his assets in the UK and he tried everything for her not to get her fair share.


  9. If he could give his ex wife so much. how much did those involved in the bobol get in return for the st lucia passport. and these same guys coming on SNO talking nonsense about people being paid to vote! my lack of respect for these guys is growing ten fold day by day. those red ants have already been purged from the land and they still coming out of the woodwork crying nonsense. When all involved are jailed for the Juffalli affair we can now talk about integrity in the country.


  10. Lucky for some. It's indeed lucky for some.
    Now that this woman have been given such a large sum of money I wonder whether she will give a donation to a charity in St Lucia, after helping drag the name of our lovely isle in her divorce case through the British gutter press. She was prepared to use all means at her disposal to further her cause. To say that this former model is selfish and cocky is an understatement. She took this Arab billionaire to the cleaners and came out smelling of roses. This fiasco did some damage and helped sully the reputation of St Lucia in the UK and the rest of Europe. What did St Lucia do to deserve this shoddy treatment?

    The Arabman was given diplomatic status all because he was trying to bypass and circumvent English law to avoid paying his ex-wife alimony. He did not think she should be getting a quid from him and so he became a diplomat much to the annoyance of many in St Lucia. He was made ambassador to the IMO. He hardly attended any meetings at the International Maritime Organization, yet he was St Lucia's representative at the IMO. With his diplomatic status he was hoping to become immune from prosecution as laid out under the Geneva convention. This wasn't the case as his ex-wife's lawyers explored and exploited every loophole to make him cough up. They used every trick in the book.

    These crafty lawyers in London have a ton of tricks up their sleeves as they milk it for all it's worth. They no doubt will be making a mint for themselves. They went as far as exposing the Saudi Arabian man for all intense and purposes bringing the good name of our lovely country in it. It reached a point where the British Foreign Office threatened to summoned our High Commissioner in London to offer an explanation as to why this man was using diplomatic immunity to avoid any court action taken by his wife. St Lucia's good name was dragged through the mud of London and as we all know mud sticks.
    Having sullied the reputation of Sweet St Lucia, I think it's only fair she should make a donation to a charity in St Lucia. Juffali should do as well. He should make a donation to St Lucia. He once spoke about trying to do something for diabetes sufferers in St Lucia. There are a few he can contribute to including a charity runned by Mary Matthias. This wonderful lady is a beacon of hope to many who suffer from this dreadful disease. She is based in London but visists St Lucia frequently. She could do with more funds to help keep her charity which has been doing a lot of good work in St Lucia going. Both parties should be giving something back to our splendid isle. Oh Yes They should!


    • Those crafty lawyers are trained professionals and can see past the bullshit that was trying to be fed to the common man. St Lucias greedy representatives are the ones who got themselves into this situation by selling our passport. Now we all have to deal with the consequences.


    • you dont see your self to mad lol. jufali didnt even want to give his wife money thats why he went for that immunity you think is st lucia he will give money to after we move him as ambasador in IMO just after he lose all that money to his wife. i think mate must be hate st lucia and st lucians by now .


    • Deefay Deefay, I could not agree more with your comment above. I believe they should give something back to St Lucia. Both parties used our island for their own benefit. They did not care about anything else but about themselves. They took our lovely isle apart. The lawyers threw everything including the kitchen sink and toilet bowl in order to get a result for this bombastic woman who is motivated by one thing only. Who needs a million plus to buy clothes? This woman is motivated by material possessions. The sum of money she has been offered can build many new houses for the homeless in St Lucia. It can build a new hospital, pay many doctors and nurses, pay teachers to teach our kids and feed many many hungry people in St Lucia. Yet it will be spent on one egocentric,self-centered and self-important woman.What is this world coming to? I would like to know.

      She should give something back to St Lucia like you said Deefay Deefay. I agree with you one hundred percent. St Lucia's name was exploited to the maximum and we all know it. The lady you mentioned Mary Matthias is indeed hardworking resilient and assiduous. I know of her and she is helping lots of people in St Lucia with her diabetes charity. Not only should this wonderful woman at least get a donation from Juffali and his ex-wife to carry on with her charity work, she deserves a peerage for all the good work that she is doing.

      Common Christina Estrada-Juffali give something back to St Lucia. You as well Mr. Juffali. Give something back to help disinfect the ragged and odorous stench you lot left in the air during your high-profile trial - It needs to be cleanse and spruced up. St Lucia's reputation took a battering during the trial and She needs her confidence restored and reputation returned back to it's former glory.
      Mary Matthias has a Facebook page for anyone seeking to reach and contact her. She can be contacted using her name. Well said Deefay Deefay. In the meantime, I wish Mary Matthias all the very best for the future. She is doing marvellous work . She is a remarkable woman.


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