Juffali is ‘suffering from cancer’, says ex-wife

Juffali is ‘suffering from cancer’, says ex-wife
Estrada and Walid Juffali.

Walid_Juffali_3535786bTELEGRAPH (UK) – The Saudi billionaire at the centre of a London court battle over his British properties is suffering from cancer, according to his former wife.

Walid Juffali, the 60-year-old chairman of one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest conglomerates, is lying stricken in a Swiss hospital, said court documents submitted by Christina Estrada.

The former Pirelli calendar model is pursuing a property claim at the High Court in London for a share of Mr Juffali’s fortune. The Saudi has tried to defeat this action by invoking his status as a Caribbean diplomat.

The Daily Telegraph reported last November that Mr Juffali had become St Lucia’s “permanent representative” to the International Maritime Organisation in London, a post that brings legal immunity in Britain.

If Mr Juffali were to die before the case is concluded, Ms Estrada’s property claim would become irrelevant. At present, Ms Estrada receives a monthly sum of ($100,000) £70,000 from her former husband, who also meets all the expenses of their 13-year-old daughter. These payments would cease on Mr Juffali’s death.



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  1. I claim all rights, copyrights, any rights to the Movie, sequels, prequels, Sagas, TV dramas and Cartoons on this one. So the wife lose out again. Don't miss the Premier, Starring ME!! (C)


  2. All this is becoming more and more high profile. It started off on the world news pages of UK papers, now it's nearer the front in the general news section. Not good poblicity for an already ailing society.


  3. Wait! Pause! Lets get away from the roro. First of all I see the man as our rep to the IMO. In consequence of that did my government know of his condition before appointing him? Second question, if they knew about his condition, knowing that he could have died at any time, how comes there is no movement towards the establishment of the Diabetic Research facility. Remember its almost 2 years since his appointment?

    My conclusion is this is another case of this government hoodwinking the public. Coming to think of it, has Juffali himself admitted that he made such a promise to the Government? Has he paid any such deposits to the Government? These are the relevant questions not whether is ex-wife is greedy or not. In fact she may as well get the billions since she is the one who is still living, after all he cannot go to the grave with it. If the billions were left in the name of St. Lucia then i would have no problem to allow our government to fight tooth and nail for it.

    The appropriate question is, and I ask:
    Kenny what about our Research Facility now that Juffali is sick?


  4. How can you guys call someone greedy under these circumstances?

    If you were married to someone and he or she went behind your back and married someone else...whilst married to you...then proceeds to utter three words to "divorce" you...how would you feel????

    That is your entire life being turned upside down by the selfish actions of a man.

    Y'all too damn indiscrete want to tell the woman how to feel after being treated so callously.

    That's the price he has to pay for being an inconsiderate bastard.

    For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction.


    • All the political betise aside.

      The woman is being paid 70,000 pounds a month for doing nothing!! He takes care of all the expenses of their child. What exactly is she using the 70, 000 pounds to do? I seem to remember Tina Turner choosing to walk away with just a name. What happen that she can't take the 70, 000 pounds a month when she is living rent free in a house.? The man is meeting all the expenses. What else she want. Poule ec deewee?? This woman is just being a miserable woman because there is another woman involved. & y'all need to stop being so hypocritical, this type of ish happens all the time. Stop pretending like y'all ain't got a clue. SMH


      • BAYTEEZ!!!!!

        70,000 a month is NOTHING compared to the embarrassment she feels!

        Let her milk his butt as he is totally disrespectful!

        The mere fact that this man married another woman without even divorcing her speaks to his true character.

        This tells us that the man is immoral like ALL billionaires!

        Why would I want a man with no scruples who is not even a son of the soil representing me on an international level? Oh wait....he has never attended a meeting....so much for that representation.....*oops*


      • Maybe he does have cancer,   I no longer know what to believe, too much secrecy, unthruths and camouflage so far.    For some reason he does not want to give his recent ex-wife and their daughter a divorce settlement.  (what he contributes now will end if/when he dies),  so far he has pulled all kinds of secret deals to keep his money.

        For all we know he could be in Switzerland having total face changing cosmetic surgery  and could emerge with a new identity; new name/passport etc as a plan B to avoid paying out and whatever else .....  (his new younger wife is about age 23),  maybe he'll have new younger face also.   A new man.   He has the money to pull it off.    Who knows what's really going on.

        This whole situation is so weird and secretive anything is possible.  but then, maybe he does have cancer.   

        Maybe I watch too many movies!


  5. That women is too greedy.She may die before the man.Thats why she is doing that so the stress can kill him faster.So selfish of her.


  6. So all along he knew he was sick and that if he dies all contributions to the wife will cease.
    So he came up with that elaborate plan of allegedly targeting a hungry nation with a few alleged hungry ppl to grant him immunity to by him time in saving his fortune. So in earnest, some people allegedly got huge payout and trust me the US and UK will find that money.


    • How much due diligence was really done on this man. If he is so sick all of a sudden what was his state of health when the big deal was made. And since he malade in bed at a hospital it doesn't seem like he can function in his diplomatic capacity anymore. I think he doesn't need diplomatic status anymore...time to revoke that passport.


  7. 70 thousands pounds every month. hey, put all corrections, police and fire officers for one year viv a vis her monthly allowance for a year is peanuts. dat woman is jus plain greedy


  8. How is she greedy???????

    Upon his death all monetary benefits would cease.

    What would you have her do?

    70k a month is nothing when someone has divorced you in a disrespectful manner such as uttering the three words " I divorce you".

    That is NOT a legally recognized form of divorce.

    How the hell would you feel had someone you were married to for 13 years treated you so callously and won't even broker a proper settlement for the emotional distress and shame?

    You idiots need to understand that once he is dead. Everything stops. Including that 70k monthly. Which is chump change to a billionaire

    Instead of calling the woman greedy mind y'all den business and question why your government is refusing to do what is right...which is lift the immunity of a diplomat who never performed his duties.


  9. Well Mr. Juffali it seems like you haven't been honest with the wife of your youth. Money may be able to allegedly purchase diplomatic immunity but cancer is a whole new ballgame. I pray for your full recovery hoping that you will change your ways.

    By all accounts your wife was honest and loyal to you. Those calling her greedy must understand that lf they remove their red eye glasses they will realize that no woman deserves to be treated that way.

    Mr. PM all this drama and negative light will damage Saint Lucia's good name long after both you and Juffali are gone.

    Juffal decided to treat his wife in this terrible manner to protect his wealth are you keeping him in his position?

    There are many things that money still and never will purchase.


  10. Kenny and CO is making a mockery out of St. Lucia. Poor SLU has become the laughing stock of the world!
    I am ashamed and disgusted at this administration. What type of better days is this?


  11. wow this jufalli guy seems to be very meticulous in his rash attempt to have his wife get nothing. Marry before dying, divorce her, then use immunity to block any legal forthcomings. well played. well, almost. And you trying to use our country to do your comess.


  12. As the World Turns, the not so Young and Restless, Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light , All my Children and finally General Hospital.
    At this point I really think is a soap opera I am looking at.

    So we will continue to say that he was not required to attend meetings?????

    Mr Chamberlain said the question of Mr Juffali's health was not relevant to any "real issue in the case".

    But Mr Justice Hayden rejected this argument, ruling that Mr Juffali's health has "implications in this litigation". Ms Estrada’s lawyers have argued that Mr Juffali’s condition casts doubt on whether he is genuinely serving as a diplomat from St Lucia and entitled to legal immunity.

    “Her primary argument is that the husband's employment which gave rise to the claim for diplomatic immunity was a contrivance on his part to defeat her claim,” said Mr Justice Hayden.

    "Whether he is able to discharge any duties in that post - or, more personally, whether he is now in a position to discharge them - is one of the central issues in the case.”

    I hope the SLU government ensures that they get the little lab. Just in case the man dies before it comes to fruition. LOL. SMH
    Meanwhile , sipping my lowajet.


  13. If he dyin why she so much after the money.he already helping her and he takin care of their child.
    The woman is an unsatisfied!! and she eh have mercy


  14. that lady is damn greedy. You getting that much MONTHLY plus the man taking care of his child and you still asking more?!!! some women are too damn greedy. Me the man i putting everything in the child name and have the account frozen till she is of age. and only allow her to take money from the account. That woman can fend for herself on that $100000 she getting every month.


  15. If one is so sick, you mean he will go to all those lengths to hide his wealth from the mother of his child? Really now? Is that the reason he could not perform any duties at the IMO? ha!ha!Ha! the plot thickens. but will not prevent those in the UK from nailing St lucia for this international mockery that we are now part of.


  16. Looks like His Excellency Dr.Walid Juffali will have to establish a Global CANCER Research Centre in Saint Lucia rather than the Global DIABETES Research Centre he initially proposed. Let's hope that he makes a full recovery or all that Research Centre money may be in jeopardy.



  17. Where is the next story? Getting tired of this rollercoaster Juffali affair. Feels like I am in court too..... Lawyers on both sides must be making a killing!


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