Judgement day! (commentary)

By Christopher Jones


Our fair Helen is at its Crossroads. On June 6th 2016, WE shall exercise our RIGHT (which our forefathers fought so valiantly for) and we as a people shall decide our future.

We are faced with two options, either we continue to drive forward on a familiar path, or we take a risk and journey via an alternative route for which we have no idea what lies ahead.

It is our responsibility as citizens of this country l to exercise our franchise; but we must do it RIGHTLY! Now some may argue that neither Political party is the right choice, however with every decision there is always a better choice! The question is which one is it, 5 to stay alive, or 15 Pledges to move forward.

Now since this may be rather long, and we as St. Lucians don’t enjoy reading, you simply skip to the last paragraph to get my point.

Frankly, any administration whose number 1 policy is to reduce and eventually remove VAT is Ludicrous! In addition to this if this 5 point plan is their main focus, then it begs one to question whether are youth are a priority since to my knowledge we weren’t included in this 5 TO STAY ALIVE fantasy.

IT would simply to be a waste of time to dwell on or analyze the 4 other points brought forward, because frankly they’re not worthy for a discussion, hence ONE reason why we simply CANNOT afford to allow this Flambeau administration led by Pope Allen the II to run our country.

I have been left embarrassed trying to come up with logical or rather practical reasons as to why any young person should vote for this made up coalition. I CHALLENGE anyone to come up with another 3, needless to ask for FIVE (5) valid reasons why one should vote UWP this election.

However I’ve been able to come up with 3 main reasons why anyone would vote UWP this election:

⦁ You’ve been promised some high end position if the UWP were to win the next general election or have some connection or relation with one of the candidates and would therefore be fortunate enough to receive a few personal contracts. By the way I’m still trying to contact this A&M Company, because apparently since after the last election they’ve disappeared.

⦁ You’re one of those who simply HATE Dr Kenny Anthony and simply want to see the back of him at whatever means necessary.

⦁ And the third reason is rather simply, you’re plain INSANE! In that case, kudos to the Kenny Anthony administration for opening the mental hospital, because there’s no way Golden hope would have been able to accommodate these folks.

On the other hand, coming up with reasons to vote for this labour government, if I were to list the countless reasons, no one would read this article because it would seem rather too long.

Since 15 would seem too much here’s my FIVE (5) to STAY ALIVE WITH LABOUR:

1) VOTE LABOUR for a stable government, which kept our country from the hands of the IMF and shows signs of continuing to stabilize and grow our economy , which is already becoming a model in the Caribbean, hence the reason why other regional leaders praise this government for their management of the economy #FACT

2) VOTE LABOUR for government which foreign investors have confidence in and not one who seeks their personal gain from every potential FDI, which restricted investment during 2006-2011. #Fact

1) VOTE LABOUR for a government who despite the propaganda DO care about the health of our people by building wellness centers all over the island and will continue to seek to implement UHC to ensure equal health care for all, and not a government who uses hospital rehabilitation funds for “other” purposes. #Fact

2) VOTE LABOUR for a government who has contributed significantly to the development of Sports in this country, hence the reason why so many playing fields can now become alive at night and communities such as Micoud are now able to thrive even more on the national football stage; and not a government which allowed LUCELEC to disconnect electricity from our international cricket stadium. #Fact

VOTE LABOUR for a government that is actually visionary and has made our environment and the sustainable development of our country a priority, in a bid to give our children and grandchildren a chance to survive

1) the impacts of climate change on SIDS such as us; and is well on their way to meeting that objective of complete energy independence by 2035. Sadly I can’t say anything about the other guys on that point since that was never a priority of theirs #Fact

I could go on and on, but I Believe my point has been brought across clear and concisely. Certainly the Labour government has its flaws, because indeed there are certain policies which I disagree with, such as CIP, however, who do I trust more to run the CIP, a man who has already promised a prominent hotelier numerous concessions to facilitate to smooth expansion of his hotel chain in return for campaign financing, which would cripple others in the industry locally, or a man who has attracted new investments, and doesn’t seek part ownership of the project. #Fact

Simply put, Labour is not perfect, but with the options we have they are simple better, and I encourage all Saint Lucians especially our young people, to go out and let their vote be heard, because it is our responsibility to ensure that HURRICAN ALLEN doesn’t hit our beloved fair Helen again, because this time the damage done will be beyond repair!


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  1. Are you serious?

  2. I conclude by the nonsense you have written that you will be checking into the wellness centre as well?? There is no way u can be deemed sane by this pro SLP rant- laced with the usual smoking mirrors- when this party has been an absolute failure! I should also add, in accordance with the words of some of the world's greatest entrepreneurs, success in business (and life) comes with the willingness to take risks as it relates to the unknown. Sticking to a sinking ship as you clearly are, however, indicates stupidity and blatant insanity.

  3. You're kidding right?
    but you had 4 yrs plus to do better;
    don't cry crocodile tears. go in peace.


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