“JOUNEN INDIENNE”: Indian Day Celebration!


“JOUNEN INDIENNE” Sunday,  August 18, 2013 Indian Day Celebration!

Venue: Campus- B of the Vieux fort comprehensive Secondary School, commencing at 10 am.

A much anticipated historical, all day event in St Lucia. We are sending this welcome to everyone, regardless of your  race, national origin or religion! All St Lucians, vacationers, foreigners, well wishers, let’s take a break, let’s celebrate.

Please continue to spread the news through your email, Face book, word of mouth and whatever other means possible. For all those who wish, We encourage you to dress in the Indian style of dress men, women and children.

Everyone is welcome!


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  1. Why not translate "Indian Day" in their native Hindi. Hope this does not come across as being biased in any way. Just saying that their native language would be more fitting!!!


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