Joshua Brown had long criminal history, documents show

Joshua Brown had long criminal history, documents show
Joshua Brown had a long criminal history including drug dealing
Joshua Brown had a long criminal history including drug dealing

(WFAA) — Joshua Brown was no stranger to police. He was arrested in at least five different cities across Texas.

Legal documents show Brown was arrested for drug possession, evading arrest, theft and having an illegal firearm.

Brown was killed Friday outside his Dallas apartment. The man had testified the week before during the murder trial for Amber Guyger, the former Dallas police officer who killed Botham Jean.

Brown’s slaying has gained national attention, with many speculating on social media that Brown was killed because of his testimony during the trial.

Dallas police say those rumors are untrue. They say Brown was robbed and killed during a drug deal. Brown shot one of the suspects in his death moments before he was killed.

Brown once said he was on a “clean path.”

WFAA obtained court documents and a letter Brown wrote to a judge while he was serving time at Bradshaw State Jail.

He was in the state jail from Jan. 4, 2017, to Feb. 17, 2017, for a drug possession conviction in Leon County, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

In the letter, Brown asked the judge to allow him to serve two different sentences concurrently so he could be released sooner.

“I am praying when that date comes and I am discharged that I can put the whole series of events behind me and start of on a clean path,” he wrote.

Records show Brown continued a life of crime.

Last year, he was shot at a strip club in North Dallas. A man with Brown was shot and killed.

Police believe Brown was the target in the slaying, court records show.

Attorney Lee Merritt represents Brown’s family. He tweeted that Brown had been shot in the head and mouth, prompting speculation about why the man was killed.

Brown was shot twice in his lower body, authorities said.

The attorney also claimed that Brown was afraid to testify during the Guyger trial but clarified his statements Wednesday.

Merritt admits Brown’s hesitance had nothing to do with Guyger or Jean’s death.

“He led people to believe that he had left Dallas and testifying in the trial lets them know, ‘Yes I am here,’ and it exposed him to danger. He feared for his life in this case, not because of Amber Guyger, but because someone shot him less than a year ago,” the attorney said.

Brown was killed Friday during a botched drug deal, police said. Authorities say three men were robbing him of drugs.

They say Brown pulled a weapon first and shot one of the suspects, Jacquerious Mitchell, after an argument.

Mitchell says he then heard two shots. He says Thaddeus Green killed Brown, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Mitchell remains hospitalized and is in police custody.

Merritt now admits there is enough evidence supporting that but says people won’t believe it because he says the Dallas Police Department lacks credibility after the Guyger trial.

“The evidence will always be undermined by the DPD implication in that case,” said Merritt.

WFAA obtained the search warrant of Brown’s apartment which shows police found 12 pounds of marijuana and $4,000 in cash. They also found digital scales used to weigh drugs.


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  1. some of y'll here judging..all you fuckers have sins not because his is known and yours is still unknown to say crap..that's why problems and killing wont stop..society is corrupt and there's no understanding.see the positive in every negative situation..i have reading bullshate


  2. Theft and having an illegal firearm. Hmm this nigger was no good. I'm glad this articles came out , it's really put things into perspective.

    But regardless niggers will put him on a pedestal and portray him as a saint. Lol when will the black race learn a thing or two about accountability and stop making excuses.


    • You are ridiculous and racist in your condemnation of a the Black race. Joshua Brown is a victim and needs justice; the perpetrators must answer for his death. Joshua certainly has not painted himself as a saint. That does not mean his right to justice must be written off. Shame on you.


      • There we go, as predicted, random $lut comes to the defence of the "innocent victim" . Why y'all not as concerned when the person is alive and committing crimes? Uh? Uh? Why you never carry him go church with you?


        • Your language highlights a lack of etiquette in line with your ignorance of an individual’s legal rights and human rights – the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Without this appreciation, I suppose you would fare well in a society which descends in barbarism- life would be brutish and short. For society’s sake, I am holding on to the hope that many are not of your thinking.


  3. Are y’all fuckin serious!!! I can’t believe wtf I’m reading! You bitches are really talking about everything except what should be talked about! This man was a great human being with a promising future! He had no criminal history and if he did it still doesn’t justify the fact that someone came into his home and shot him twice!! Killing him instantly! The white supremacy on the continent is and will be judged by God! You will be judged too! Rest In Peace Young King!! ❤️?? I hope this dumb ass page is shut down!!


  4. Joshua Brown used marijuana. He had a youtube video showing himself rolling the stuff. Under oath he stated he had a criminal record. Unlike Botham Jeam, Joshua Brown did not live an exemplary life but that should not mean that he should not get justice.


  5. smdh yall police looking for all negative things about the guys past to justify that he was such a bad person and had this coming to him just to get your noses out of the dirt. regardless of he had a past history who is to say that yall didnt pay these men to kill him and plant the weed and gun at the scene? who is to say that you police didnt plant the narcotics that was found in his room the same way you wanted to blame botham for misuses of drugs by putting marijuana in his room and claiming he was a drug addict. people not stupid this was alllll planned because he did testify against.


    • @ G.W you can't make such statements without proof. Are you saying the guys Browne ended up in the shoot-out with, were also planted? Let them make statements, let them say exactly what happened between them and Browne, then we can make conclusions.


      • yes i can make such statements and i just did. yall are to blind to see whats going on when corrupt police do their dirty work what proof you talking about. if is one thing that i have learnt just because you have proof does not always justify that someone is guilty.

        the police found marijuana in jeans room, so they say, was that proof that he was a drug addict? was that proof he was taking drugs and everyone can give a good account of jean and everyone know the kind of person he is and knows he dont take drugs.

        so the drugs the police planted there was it proof that it was bothams? they tried to dirty his character but it didnt happen so what proof do you have that this guys death was not planned. thats why they will always fool yall cause yall cant read between the lines.

        all of these guys were part of the plan and oh let me guess it was just coincidence they were all black and it was just coincidence that the police officer who made the report was also black yeah right


        • In the privacy of his home, Botham used marijuana. As far as I know it is not illegal to possess marijuana for your personal use whether for medicinal or recreational purpose. Joshua Brown also used marijuana. This came out in the Botham Jean and Amber Guyger case.

          In the name of justice, a person is seen as innocent until proved guilty of a crime. What I find unacceptable are your sweeping statements which are not based on facts but supposition and that you present them as though you are privy to information. This is witlessness to the nth degree. But then again, you are the incorrigible GW, letting off gas.


          • first of all that marijuana was never botham jeans and botham jean doesnt and never used weed. that weed was planted there by amber's police lover to make her look correct and to stain bothams name.

            second of all not because they see you as innocent until proven guilty means you did not commit the crime there are alot of innocent people that were seen innocent and they made them guilty by false evidence and accusations and alot of them went to jail innocent and there are alot of guilty people by this same ways and means of corruption made them look innocent, so dont tell me your crap cause you people are blind and only see whats inside of the box and dont think for your selves but rather just drink all the dope juice the give yall to drink.


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