Joseph says legal action looming for companies and agents responsible for mismanaging St. Jude Hospital project

Joseph says legal action looming for companies and agents responsible for mismanaging St. Jude Hospital project
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph

Acting Prime Minister and Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph has said that he is awaiting legal advice from government to commence lodging cases against companies and agents who may have been responsible for an alleged mismanagement of works on the St. Jude Hospital project in Vieux Fort.

Speaking at a pre-cabinet briefing on November 27, Joseph said that while he is unable to divulge details, there is “enough” evidence to take the matter to court.

The long-delayed $80-million St. Jude project has been considered faulty and over-budget by government. The project was started by the United Workers Party (UWP) under the leadership of Stephenson King and was scheduled to have been completed during the St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) reign between 2011-2016 but it remains incomplete.

The Ministry of Economic Development is the largely responsible for the fiscal management of local hospitals. A technical audit handled by FDL Consults and funded through taxpayers in the amount of $980,000, was ordered by the United Workers Party (UWP) government shortly after it halted the project just weeks after coming into office last year.

“When something is being reviewed from a legal perspective it limits the ability of the government to speak. So what has happened is we are limited in how much information we can give… Because if I go and say anything that’s going to prejudice any outcome today or tomorrow. I may be defeating the very purpose for which I was working. So I need to be careful,” Joseph said.

“When the cases have been lodged [and] when the information that needs to be out there is out there we will have the discussions…In my mind, we have enough there to lodge the cases and to take the matter to court. I’m awaiting the legal advice of government to tell me when these cases will be lodged and how it will be lodged,” he stated.

There was a total budget of $118 million dollar for the St. Jude project.

The hospital is currently operating at the George Odlum Stadium where it was temporarily moved due to a 2009 fire at its previous location.


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  1. What about your attempts to bribe Richard and Stephenson!!!

    The Police and Public Prosecution have heard Richard Frederick an experience lawyer make that proclamation on numerous occasions yet NO LEGAL action has been taken - PATHETIC

    Deal with Political crime first then the layman crimes.


  2. I remember when Guy said the previous Administration was being secretive and now after a million audit is done up to now we can't get the results(even though we paid for it). Now he can't "divulge" the details about the hospital.


  3. Blaming both UWP and SLP . To make masters worst , guy Joseph demanded 1million to carry out an audit. He saying if you want results, go online to read it . What a calamity...


  4. Wee Papa hahaha!! I think Guy might be talking to the man in the mirror...What a thing when your conscience start to hit you, sometimes you predicting your own dimise. Hahaha !! ... stay tuned more to come later...


  5. At every turn, those Laybar fellas are just to tired. They have lost all their sparks. Laybar is a dead star. Their lights are out. They know it. We know it. from the depths of their ignorance in the heavens, their last light is the illusion we are now seeing. SLP, are dead people and zombies walking.


  6. Include yourself in the list of individuals to be prosecuted.

    Especially for that Roseau to Vanard Highway stunt you pulled.


  7. scrap that project , use some of it . but get rid of the apartment block . it look really bad. take the project away from the local contractors and have proper trained people in doing buildings like that to make the hospital. and Guy, it cannot be the fellas you know building the hospital, this is not a 2 bedroom house somewhere. and the PM has to be exceedingly clear on that with you. it cannot be the same as the last contractors who was based on "who I know and not what i know". now we see the results. so your company and friends not coming anywhere near that hospital. we need professionals to do it. take proper contractors from the international market with experience in building hospitals. the place look like they did not even have a proper architect plan. now when this is done properly, nuff respect under Chas. there is now way VF voting labour again.


    • Just to clear , the project was started under the uwp administration with no plan at the start which continued the same way under the slp administration. Don't blame it on labour only, both parties clearly did not go into the details of the project but simply trusted the project mangers would produce quality results..


    • Hey idiot! Why are you still on the contractors' back? It has been established that it was poorly managed- from Politicians down to Project Managers to Design Consultants! Ooh paka tan!!!


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