Joseph announces plans for housing developments, providing land ownership at “minimal cost”

Joseph announces plans for housing developments, providing land ownership at “minimal cost”
Minister Guy Joseph speaking at the 2018 National Housing Conference

(GIS) — The government of Saint Lucia is introducing policies that will significantly improve the lives of its citizens.

One of the areas through which government intends to do this, is housing.

Through efforts like the Project for the Rationalization of Unplanned Development (PROUD), government is committed to providing Saint Lucians the right to own lands at minimal cost.

The Minister responsible for Housing, Hon. Guy Joseph, expounded on those plans.

“We’re not selling the lands to the people there because it’s too complicated to try to sell it. As a government we have taken a decision that we are going to give the land to the occupiers in Au Leon,” the minister said. “We are working to finalize things in Contonement, in Augier, and in all of the areas in the south where the PROUD projects are being implemented so that we can give the people titles to the land at minimal cost.”

A number of housing developments are also expected to come on stream.

“In Bois Jolie, Dennery, the housing development is coming along,” he added. “In Goodlands, Roseau, and Canaries, there are housing developments coming and we are making land available in Talvern, Babonneau, in Choc Estate, Balenbouche, Choiseul, and Piaye. In Praslin, we are going to deliver to ensure that the people of Praslin get titles to their lands.”

The minister’s comments were made during the Debate on the Appropriations Bill 2019/2020.


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  1. This is an excellent program, a little ambitious but it's worth the try. It sounds to me that
    this was well planned and it is to effect many points on the Island. Good to know that now
    we may have well qualified Planners on Island, something much longed for; good luck with it.


    • it is not perfect. But it is a beginning. Remember that we do not have too many good examples to follow.


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