“Jookay” music video launched

“Jookay” music video launched

A journey that began on Wednesday, March 20 has ended with an Acid Kreationz-directed music video for the Groovy Soca song, “Jookay”.

That day in late March was when Stratosphere Muzic artiste D’Sean found out his video concept submitted to the Ministry of Creative Industries Music Stimulus Programme had been approved.

“Jookay” was written by Daesean Germaine and produced by Courtney “Curty” Louis. The song is featured on the Dutch Productions/Stratosphere Muzic Junkie Bacchanal Riddim that was released in April 2013.

Work on the music video began immediately after approval.



Meeting with Ted Sandiford of Acid Kreationz, the original concept for the video was modified into a 70’s themed throwback that would allow D’Sean and “Jookay” to truly be appreciated by a wide audience. A subsequent meeting with Lyndale James of Oaktreez Entertainment, who managed the project on behalf of the Ministry of Creative Industries, led to quick work with sourcing wardrobe, actors, dancers and locations for the video.

The “Jookay” music video was shot over a four-day period at a number of locations, including the clothing store Verdict and Rituals Diner in the Baywalk Mall – two locations that were used to capture the feel of a 70’s club and diner respectively.

The “Jookay” music video was officially launched on Tuesday during a live broadcast of the HTS show, St. Lucia Rising, hosted by Teddy Francis. There, in addition to premiering the video depiction of his song, D’Sean also handed copies of the video to the Creative Industries Minister Lorne Theophilus and Permanent Secretary in that Ministry, Donovan Williams, as well as Consultant Christopher Hunte.

D’Sean is now looking ahead to the rest of his Saint Lucia Carnival 2013 season armed with an additional song, the power soca number “Born to Do This” a sample of which will be released on a video medley of the Rebirth Riddim which it is featured.


Music was not Daesean  Germaine’s first choice. He says he chose the career path after “many failures with other talents”. But while it may not have been first, music has become his “only way out,” the thing that sustains and gives him hope for the future.

While he was born in Trinidad, Daesean is a citizen of Saint Lucia who has resided in several Castries communities including Lastic Hill, Sunbilt and Pavee.

Daesean wasn’t always a soca singer. He began his musical journey under the pseudonym Soldya singing dancehall on “Roll It Around” on the Konshens “Gyal Ah Bubble Riddim.”

Appearing now under the stage name D’Sean, he thinks of himself as reborn – apt given the title of his power song “Born Brave.”

The awakening happened when he came to Dutch Productions/Stratosphere Music and began working with award-winning songwriter and producer Courtney “Curty” Louis. During the performance that landed him in his first Power Soca Monarch final, he said as much, telling the judges and audience how grateful he is for the opportunity Curty gave him and how he will never give up on his craft.

In addition to “Born Brave,” Desean has also released the groovy track “Love How You Whining” on the very popular Mosquito Riddim.

The strength of these two songs led Daesean, a member of the NG Soca Stage, to perform at that tent’s opening show as well as to performances at Wet Fete and a finalist spot at the 2012 Piton Soca Starz competition.

When asked what he likes about singing soca music, he says “Soca music brings out that hidden desire in me that reminds me of my ancestors back when they were around. Its riddim, its hype just frees my soul from all negative energy around me.”

Daesean finished his 2012 season with a performance at the Power Soca Monarch competition with “Born Brave”.

Not resting on his laurels after Carnival, he would also perform at a number of shows as part of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries Performance Programme.

His application for a video project under that same ministry would be accepted, paving the way for the “Jookay” music video.

The song, which was released as part of the 2013 Saint Lucia Carnival season, is featured on the Stratosphere Muzic Junkie Bacchanal Riddim. The video was shot by Acid Kreationz and released in June 2013.

While working on the video project, Daesean would write and record the power soca song “Born To Do This”.  Featured on the Stratosphere Muzic Rebirth Riddim, the song would be performed at Infusion, the launch of the NG Soca Stage, the tent which Daesean has belonged to since he entered the soca game.

He signed to the Stratosphere Muzic label in 2012.


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