Join hands with us – “Good Deeds Day” – Plant for peace

Join hands with us – “Good Deeds Day” – Plant for peace

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Choiseul Chapter of Volunteer Saint Lucia has teamed up with our Caribbean counterparts to join hands as we pioneer Good Deeds Day the Caribbean edition, celebrated globally on April 15th.

Saint Lucia’s programme will be launched on Friday 23rd March 2018 at the Reunion Primary school and will end on Good Deeds Day April 15th, 2018.

Good Deeds Day is a global day that unites over 2.5 million volunteers from 93 countries to do good deeds for the benefit of people and the planet.

This year we are pleased to inform that Saint Lucia via the Caribbean Volunteer eXchange has partnered with Good Deeds Day to promote the implementation of this day in five countries throughout the region: Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Suriname, Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago.

A steering committee has been established with key stakeholders who have agreed to lead their country’s launch of this transformational day. Coordinating partners are as follows:-

Country / Region Organisation

Haiti Action Towards Initiatives and Volunteering for Education in Haiti (ACTIVEH)
World Merit Haiti
Suriname Suricorps for Development
Saint Lucia Volunteer Saint Lucia – Choiseul Chapter
Jamaica Youths Inspiring Positive Change Ja. / Positive Organisation
Trinidad & Tobago The Volunteer Center of Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad & Tobago Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network / Caricom Youth Ambassadors
Tobago Caricom Youth Ambassadors
Caribbean United Nations Volunteers
Caribbean Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development & Peace Working Group

For 2018 all regional partners have agreed to execute Good Deeds Day under the theme of “Plant for Peace”. This theme will be localized through various volunteer projects/activities in each participating country. Plant for Peace is a powerful call to action for the Caribbean, due to its alignment with global sustainable development goals and its flexibility for engaging dialogue and action around issues of climate change and agriculture.

This initiative sends a message of planting the right seeds in the minds of our youth and communities at large as we seek viable avenues for creating and sustaining peace. We are deeply inspired by the collaboration and cooperation taking place across our regional borders to bring this day to life and ensure the spirit of volunteerism in the Caribbean is well represented on the global stage on April 15th.

We indulge your support to ensure our objectives are achieved and to also broaden our footprint of Good as we provide a space where we can activate Caribbean people around our most pressing issues. You can Lend Your Strength to this movement in one or more of the following options:

1) Donations – In Cash / In Kind
2) Volunteer – Mobilise your Chapter and networks to action
3) Spread the Word – Be an advocate!

Any courtesies extended to the partners of GDD 2018 team will be greatly appreciated. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward to connecting with you as we create a deepened culture of doing Good, serving and volunteering!

For additional details and insight on this day do refer to the following link:



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