JOIE Innovative Learning Solutions opens new virtual reality learning hub

JOIE Innovative Learning Solutions opens new virtual reality learning hub
Corinth Secondary on tour at the Learning Hub on John Compton Highway
Corinth Secondary on tour at the Learning Hub on John Compton Highway

(PRESS RELEASE) – JOIE Innovative Learning Solutions, a new educational technology (ed-tech) business officially opens its doors to students and the general public.

With the recently celebrated Independence Day, the company’s focus is on transforming the education sector and building excellence in education by integrating virtual reality. Virtual reality or VR is a 3D representation of an environment. In an effort to make learning complex subject less abstract, the company offers Virtual reality experiences or tours throughout the day. It also offers CSEC and common entrance exam preparation classes, after school programs and special programs during Easter, Summer and Christmas break.

With the establishment of the VR Learning Hub students can be immersed in difficult content that can otherwise be difficult to grasp especially in Mathematics and Science. Learning with VR is where education is heading, as it takes the focus off the teacher and rightfully places it on the student.

On June 13th 2019, the organization won the TEECA Caribbean Entrepreneurship Challenge a regional competition held in Martinique. The team captured seed money of euros $10,000.00 in order to start the business. Organizers of the competition – TEECA, the organization of the Easter Caribbean Stated (OECS), Chamber of Commerce Industry of Martinique (CCI) and Caribbean Export Development Agency – recognized the business as central to helping improve the landscape of education in schools. Staggering Mathematics statistics are a sore point for many teachers and school officials in the region.

Director of JOIE Innovative Learning Solutions, Ms. Bernice Lewis, stated: “ As a teacher for over 10 years I realized that there was a gap between how we teach and how students learn. The company was established to provide engaging,
dynamic opportunities for today’s digital natives to learn. With opportunities like these, we hope to see a transformation of how we approach teaching and learning in general.”

Mrs. Katya Mathurin a Science teacher from the Corinth Secondary School welcomes the idea of incorporating VR in education. She said “VR allows students to visualize abstract concepts like genetics, without it the students would not obtain a complete grasp of the concepts. The opportunity to see the smallest parts of the body in 3D is an experience they never forget.”

Last Wednesday the company presented a case for including VR along with learner centered strategies within the education system at the OECS Ministerial Meeting: Education held at the Marriot in St. Kitts and Nevis.

The Learning Hub is located on the John Compton Highway upstairs Dr. Scotland’s Veterinary Clinic behind Island Tile Style and Bath. The center is open Monday – Friday between 9:00-5:00 p.m. Teachers are encouraged to call to book virtual reality tours for groups of students in a host of subject areas. Parents can also register their children for after school programs and the upcoming Easter program by contacting telephone no. 1 758 485 5643/1 758 728 8248. The company will hold its next open day on February 27, 2020 in recognition of Digital Learning Day. Interested persons can call to get a first-hand experience of Virtual Reality during the open day.


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