Johann “Yogi” Deterville: The island boy scribbling on the pages of pop music

Johann “Yogi” Deterville: The island boy scribbling on the pages of pop music
'Yogi' in the studios
‘Yogi’ in the studios

EDITOR’S NOTE: Johann ‘YogidaProducer’ Deterville has two records produced on international recording artist “Kehlani’s” new album. The article, written by Chadia Mathurin, was published on May 10 in Wakonte Caribbean (Online).

Kehlani just released a new album and from what I’ve heard, it’s dope. If you’re Saint Lucian and you’re into that type of thing, you also peeped a familiar name on the credits: Johann “Yogi” Deterville. And if you’re not Saint Lucian, yes, you guessed right. He is a Caribbean man.

Johann “Yogi” Deterville hails from the small fishing community of Anse-La-Raye in beautiful Saint Lucia. A quiet posture, never seeking attention to himself, does not compel him to reveal that on his small island, he is damn near music royalty. He is the prince of the late Petronilla Deterville; a woman who can be deprived of no credit for her work in championing music education on the island. Then again, it’s not something he needs to add weight to his name and accomplishments, but it is an interesting fact all the same.

A true reflection of his moniker, Yogi, Johann has dedicated himself to honing his craft at a level where he has attained such prowess/flexibility that he has been afforded opportunities to work with the likes of “Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Daniel Caesar, and Keshia Chante, amongst others.

Johann answered a few questions to help us on our quest to understand how a young man from a small section of a 238 square mile island has managed to begin scribbling his name into the international annals of popular acclamation.



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    • brown asked who he is from anse la raye u are saying that no one should care??? is this the type of negativity portrayed in your comment that is keeping the residents of poor communities from going forward??? or are u envious of his movement across the charts that u dont see his particular move as something to be proud of??? please dont be an ass and support a lucian when he is doing good!!!


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