Job well done, Commissioner (letter to the editor)

Job well done, Commissioner (letter to the editor)



Dear Editor: The front page news of “The Weekend Voice” dated 13th Feb 2016 informs of the retirement of the acting commissioner of the police, Enrol Alexander’s retirement in April.

I think Mr Alexander should be commended for a job well done.

His acting appointment came at a time when if one had to go by what was stated in the media by political figures and others, the Force was demoralised etc.

The Force was deprived of the US training which came as a matter of course previously. It was unable to source arms and ammunition from its regular supplier.

Its marine unit was left adrift as a result of the US sanctions under the Leahy law.

But in all of this negativity real and perceived, the acting commissioner was able to keep his men focused. Undeterred by the naysayers and without much fanfare, was able to achieve some measure of success. Lowest number of homicides in five years, decreases in other areas and an increase in the rate of detection are encouraging.

Of course this could not have been done without the support of his officers. Such support usually comes when one commands (not demand) the respect of one’s officers who have confidence in his leadership.

Godspeed to you Mr Alexander and may you have a long, healthy and enjoyable retirement with your family.

Victor E Girard

Former Permanent Secretary

Home Affairs

P.S. Don’t you think it is about time the name of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force be changed to Royal Saint Lucia Police Service?


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  1. Clearly this was written by someone looking in from the outside. This police force will never change as long as these guys are at the head. This friends ,family, man and woman thing has to stop in this service for there to be any type of significant change. I know of several hard working police officers who have served for years upon years and cannot get promoted, not because they do not produce; but because they are not part of the "In crowd/Clicks".
    Everyone wants the helm but no one is willing to actually effect change to steer the service in a different direction.
    Take the "new" promotion procedure fore example.
    #1 One must apply for the position to ascertain whether he or she is qualified.
    #2 If one is qualified he/she has to write and exam
    #3 If successful he/she is required to take part in a group exercise with 5 other qualified individuals.( no one really knows how this is graded)
    #4 One now has an interview with the Hierarchy of the service and members of the public services (people who never spent one minute working with the applicant)
    #5 one must now undergo Polygraph test "Lie Detector test"
    #6 If successful one is placed on a list of successful candidates.
    My question is simple if the final say is dependent on the commissioner why should someone go through this lengthy process.
    Can't someone way down the list like #54 get promoted before someone at top of the list like # 4.
    Can't the commissioner promote his/her friend/family/girlfriend or boyfriend before someone who actually deserves that position.
    They speak of transparency but this is as transparent as looking through a concrete wall on a foggy day with darked out sunglasses while seating in the back seat of a limousine. There is a simple saying for this types of instances. "The more things change the more they remain the same."
    Goodbye Mr. Alexander I wish you well in your future endeavors.


  2. There's something wrong and I believe it will be exposed
    after the next general election. How many chiefs have we
    had in the last four years? we'll soon find out why.


  3. Too vindictive ...........good riddance .........Mr PM please get rid of a few more......purge the rslpf.


  4. Job well done indeed, but it's so sad that he was rejected for the post. Those in authority is slowly pushing away the loyal and good workers ( I'm standing on the outside looking in). Here goes another one just like Vernon minus the vacation part. In my opinion I think as long as those in authority know you are capable of uncovering their mess and exposing them the force you to leave.


  5. The police should publish their detection rate and other statistics. I don't think I will take your word for it that the detection rate has increased. One of the problems with the police force is their lack of transparency and accountability to the people.


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