Job seeker messes up

Job seeker messes up

Dear Dr. Cindy:I am a 30-year-old young man in a dilemma. I recently did a job interview and I believe I am going to get the job but the thing is I was recently sent home for a week from my job and I want to know if I should stay or leave.

What I did was my fault. Am back at work and the atmosphere do not seem the same. I do not know if I should stay to redeem myself or leave on that sour note. I know jobs are hard to find and times are hard but I do not know if the opportunity will come around again.

I really need your assistance.

Sincerely Dilemma

Dear Job Seeker:

Yes, going back to your old job after an incident would be tough and awkward.

You speak of redeeming yourself, the questions you should ask yourself are: How would that be done and would it be seem or viewed as such and would it matter? If it did, to whom? You also spoke of the second job for which you interviewed, should you be offered the job, would this be a better fit for you?

If so, I would say go for it.

Remember, attempting to correct the past may not always lead to a positive or productive present or future. Don’t be too hard on yourself, success is what you make it and opinions are plenty.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Cindy

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  1. I would say to u stay where u are if the other job calls u and it is better go for it just be ur self


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