Joachim Henry comments on crime and Jimmy Henry allegations

Joachim Henry comments on crime and Jimmy Henry allegations
Joachim Henry
Joachim Henry

Ladies and Gentlemen: I join my Political Leader and colleagues to address you on a number of issues facing our country at this time. I will specifically address the crime situation and the matter relating to Hon. Jimmy Henry.

You will recall that during the election campaign, a key issue was the state of crime and in particular the number of homicides in Saint Lucia. The UWP was persistent in its criticism of SLP administration policies and programs relating to law and order.

You will also recall that it was a favourite pastime of the UWP to blame Dr. Kenny Anthony and Philip La Corbinere for every homicide in Saint Lucia.

In their final appeal to the electorate, Prime Minister Chastanet stated categorically that he will make Saint Lucia safe again. He made a promise to the people of Saint Lucia that homicides will be curtailed and crime will be reduced. It was announced that Hermangild Francis would be appointed as Minister to deal with the crime situation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what has happened since June 2016? We have seen an escalation of homicides 19 between June 2016 and December 2016 and 30 since January 2017.

For the period January to June 2016, there were 12 murders! Compared to January to June 2017, that’s 250% increase! And that’s only for homicides. We have seen an increase in robberies, rapes and violence.

We are yet to hear of any new policy or witnessed any new program to reduce the crime situation in the Country.

The Minister and the Government seem to be clueless, incompetent and confused. Worse there is a growing insensitivity from the Minister and Government to lawlessness which is pervading the country. The rising fear of our citizens is being totally ignored.

We cannot allow Government to be indifferent to our cries for a more robust response to the frightening situation. The Saint Lucia Labour Party does not want to seem to be politicizing the desperate situation in the country but we cannot continue to be silent and patient.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is not only with the worsening situation with homicides, robberies and rapes that Saint Lucians are expressing their dissatisfaction.

Last week it was announced on a local talk show that a Minister had been under surveillance for illegal activities and was actually searched at the George Charles Airport. This is a serious claim which must be addressed by the Prime Minister.

It is either true and the Minister fired or the Prime Minister must assure the people of Saint Lucia that this is not true! The response cannot be that the Prime Minister proceeds on 21 days’ vacation. The people need answers.

Every time we have a crisis in Saint Lucia, the Prime Minister must not respond by traveling overseas! Upon taking office, Prime Minister Chastanet has treated Saint Lucia with an accumulation of contemptuous but subtle unconcerned gestures.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on the Prime Minister to account to the people of Saint Lucia immediately or face the wrath of the people. This approach to governing must not be tolerated.

I thank you.


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  2. The same old shoot shate is rehashed every time another press release is made. SLP's press releases show how boring these people can be. Imagine their press releases are consistently remaining unconscionably unimaginative.


  3. I am really fed up with politicians craving for points when commenting on pertinent social ails by spinning it into some mockery. Stop already! Chuh! Let’s get serious and deal with the issues head on in the interest of the nation and for no other reason. Saloptay! Blaze di fire!


  4. Tell us about all the women you try to seduce while in your post at SSDF. Using your position to get women. What about all the promises made by the SLP government?? Take a back seat and wait for your turn.


  5. nobody can stop the criminal activities going on in the country. From time the place full of ignorant, stupid, murderers, thieves and the list goes on there will always be crime. What damn saying deh eh making no sence


  6. This is just reactionary, headline making, nonsensical 3rd World politics. Whoever votes for mate after this, is a damn idiot. This one's head is full of sh**. How does anything said there show any grasp of the crime situation or has a solution?

    Stop shooting crap! Idiots. We want solutions for a change. Why is this so difficult for those SLP retards to understand? Solutions, idiots.

    There is no solution attempted in the load of crap said there. When will the SLP ever grow up? The same damn thing that made them lose, is the same damn crap they are peddling in opposition ad nauseam. Losers.


    • After so many years of higher education, why are we still cursed with so many idiots in politics? There are so few people, who are very good at any one thing of value to the country in politics today. So few are above average intelligence. That hurts.

      Every one that stands up on an SLP platform, or is in the media, is just there singing for their supper. Nothing of value comes from the utterances of these morons. What a pathetic lot. Heaven help us.


  7. Sac vey boug go tet sa la...singing for his supper,i have news for u sir!...twisine la vide.


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