Francisco Jn Pierre wins UWP run-off to contest Laborie seat

Francisco Jn Pierre wins UWP run-off to contest Laborie seat
Fransico Jn Pierre
Fransico Jn Pierre
Fransico Jn Pierre

The United Workers Party (UWP) has announced the name of its Laborie/Augier candidate who will be contesting the next general elections on their behalf.

Francisco Jn Pierre, a former President of the Southern Taxi Association was selected as a candidate on Thursday evening (December 11) following a run-off.

Party leader Allen Chastanet described Jn Pierre as someone who is popular within the constituency and said he is committed to the people of Saint Lucia.

Francisco Jn Pierre is the father of Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel.

Chastanet also disclosed that the UWP is still having some struggle to name the candidates for other seats in the South, especially Choiseul and Vieux Fort North.

The main opposition party recently endorsed three candidates at its National Council meeting.

The candidates named are: Dr. Ulric Mondesir – Vieux Fort South; Herod Stanislaus – Soufriere/Fond St. Jacques; and Peterson Francis – Castries Central.

In addition to these three candidates, Chastanet himself will be contesting the Micoud South seat, while Senator Mary Isaac will be contesting the Castries South seat. Dominic Fedee will be contesting Anse La Raye/ Canaries.

Incumbent MP for Micoud South Dr. Gale Rigobert  will be contetsing the same seat, Stephenson King (former prime minister – Castries North, Ezechiel Joseph – Babonneau and Guy Joseph – Castries South East.


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  1. It is very disturbing that very clearly absent AGAIN in this election cycle is any sensitivity to the ability of any of the new candidates especially to PERFORM COMPETENTLY in response to what we have happening ON THE INTERNATIONAL STAGE!

    It is glaringly obvious that the people of this nation are not mature enough to read qnd digest for themselves, and to come to terms with the challenges ahead for us.

    Our begging dependent mentality only weighs up the potential of the potential representative to win the seat for "our party" and not much else. A pretense at being humble is criterion #1 through 30.

    Quite naively, we do NOT seem to understand, that after casting our votes and the person wins, that makes the person drop all the pretenses of humility. The win puts great distance between where they were before and where they are now. With a salary and a generous pension, they no longer need us! That is so until the next elections!

    Being a good community -minded person is #31 through #100. Being a person with insight, and foresight to tackle national problems that impact our ability to grow the pie so as to do the giveaways at the community level? Nada.

    There we go again! We are hellbent on redistributing political goods that we have no freaking ideas as to how to grow the economy, either nationally or at the constituency levels to do so. That is the problem, Yet, the would-be parliamentarians are promising to make the sharing of new facilities and amenities to constituencies that DO NOT ALREADY HAVE THOSE, BUT ARE IN DIRE NEED.

    Central government controls expenditure. If we had to distribute political goods according to how much certain communities were creating or send back to the central government, some would get NADA and much of nothing!

    Saint Lucians we are insane!!! We do the same darn things over and over and over again, and each time we expect to see a different result! What a population of majority blockheads!!!


  2. Go for it my brother.we have to resist against these Kenny puppets.This PM have to go.What have he done to get another five year term.Kenny anthony can be compared to Forbes Burnam of Guyana.His policy is so detremental that people have to migrate to other countries.Check the amount of people that have left st lucia from 1997 to now.Forbed Burnam died a very long time ago but guyanese are still running away because of Burnam effect.So its good to see we have brothers who try to resist against Kenny because we don't want st lucia to be another Guyana.That PM have done to much damage to lucia.We need to take him off the back of the people.His policy is a total failure to st lucia.we cannot afford anothet five years of that dictator.


  3. Mr Francisco way to go. i know u were a big labour now u swing. well then things really bad for SLP. Alva Bava lets see you now. change is coming


  4. All around the world, the major financial institutions, except the Central Bank of the US, are predicting a dismal year ahead. For China. For Japan. For Europe.

    Now, we all know that the government's statistical office has little credibility when it comes to GDP. By the way, the under-financed ECCB should be the final authority of issuing reliable statistics on GDP. Why do you think that IMF delegations make a point of grabbing even the working pencil documents, when they visit government offices?

    We have a department that just recently recorded 15% growth when others in the OECS and CARICOM region were registering just about 5%. Incredible performance figures!

    But after that distortion, what happened? They revised that figure down to 3%.

    Incredible! They misrepresented the correct growth figure by a full factor of 5!

    Conveniently too, the Minister of Finance and PM may now be seeing 5x POSITIVE growth rate figures! Who knows?

    Cuba is poised to leak away some of our marketshare in tourism. The seemingly still diapered Minister of Tourism has no app for that. No special concern. The IMF recent report says to do this and do that regarding sustainable growth. The SLP says "poised for growth". That is good enough!

    The Europeans and Canadians never fully towed the line on the US Cuban embargo. Their tourists will come, if and when.

    The US might make it to a 2% GDP growth even with the 25 basis point interest rate increase, coming up soon. Only $20/barrel oil will positively impact the expected downward drift in growth rates in China, and Europe. The UK is caught in indecision about its direction on interest rates. If you are in the banking and insurance industries these are figures you continuously monitor. Look at the revised IMF global growth picture.

    For us, China is not a significant tourism destination. Besides, global market watchers and particularly investors having been treating the GDP figures coming out of China, just like they would, those from Saint Lucia's statistical services unit. Yes. With a huge bag of salt.

    It will take time to renew investor confidence in what we put out there as data on which to base economic and financial decisions.

    When you do not know how numbers are generated, you are apt to believe, recite and mindlessly regurgitate all kinds of misinformation and disinformation. That is how and why we are now in no-man's land and we are told that we are now poised for growth in December 2015.

    This is a very clever statement; it covers all eventualities.

    If the graph depicting Saint Lucia's GDP growth curve goes above zero on the y-axis (for growth rates or numbers), and the x-axis records various time periods, then you have POSITIVE GDP GROWTH.

    If the curve falls below zero in relation to the y-axis, then we have NEGATIVE GDP GROWTH.

    Now, the burden is on you to decipher for your own self, where on the graph the curve is in relation to the y-axis.

    If that is not important to you, then more "better days" to you!


  5. Mr jn pierre hv opened the the roads for many ppl from vfort augier Laborie and environs he is the type of person to see young ppl go forward in life he Alva good competition though you'll are comrades mr chas don't come vfort north cuz the competent ppl are all SLP supporters Kendal kk elva he would be a good candidate but don't face him in the nxt 5 years i will face the challenge cuz we from vfort north hv been taken for a fool


  6. We know that the surname just like the spokesperson in the red party is untrustworthy. That is not funny at all. This country from head to toe has gone to the dogs. Saint Lucians are just a disgusting lot of mainly dumb ass country bookies. We will get the government we deserve. As we make our bed, so will we have to lie on it.


  7. I am totally fed up with this sh.t. Same kaki pants different candidates, Does the lpm party have a candidate for Laborie????
    Well if so I switching. None of these parties deserve my vote with all these election gimmicks they are into. Hey LPM if you need a vote in Laborie mine is yours!!!!!!




  9. Am I the only one who thinks St.lucia politics has joined the crazy season . The father of the Government press secretary is a candidate for the opposition. How is that going to work? The inmates have now taken over the asylum.
    Madness on the land, the PM daughter is in partnership with the wife of the Leader of the opposition. Francis brother of the SlLP senator is the candidate for the UWP in central. Castries.. What's next . I am disillusioned with the whole proces.
    There is no principle in St.Lucian politics


  10. The idiotic comments in here boy... In my opinion anyone can run for any seat that they choose to... If the gentleman wants to run for the UWP what does the fact that his daughter is Press Sec for the labour party have to do with that? One can't have his/her own mind? It's the same stupid mindset that you idiots have that say "I was born an xyz and I will die an xyz". SO if xyz is doing wrong then it does not matter we MUSt still support because we were "BORN" that way... Country first! I personally don't give a rat's behind who votes for who but it is when all of you judge so harshly that I wonder... Control what you can and vote for the candidate or party of your choice...


  11. well time to deal with Alva Bava. lost in talk and i dont know why; is he thinking out loud and fell out
    of touch...reach for the star and show me no plan... i know he can't fool me... been loving Laborie too long...Now folks i need to go get some good air supply.


  12. YOU HAVE MT VOTE SIR!!!!!!You are one humble and down to earth, compared to you know who. Two years ago he tinted his car windows and used to pass us straight, today all of a sudden he passing me by the Augier field, his windows down and waving at me. Well Mr. B you can go ..... Jn Pierre all the fricking way. ALVA HAS GOT TO GO - FULL STOP.


  13. Politics in St.Lucia has been reduced to a big circus attracting clown after clown! How can UWP expect to win an election with this bunch of clowns they are offering? SLP with all their flaws should be smiling all the way to the polls.


  14. Good Comrade. I am happy finally, Laborie, Augier, Banse etc, have a man who loves the people, understands their plight and will work for them. They should put the traditional color of RED aside and give you the support. I know you will stand up to anyone including your own p[arty if they don't deliver to your people of Laborie. you are not in that for money or power. you have worked for what you have and you stand for justice for your people. May god guide your steps and his favor be with you. RED or YELLOW you did it for your people who has been marginalized to long. Francisco Jn.Pierre all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. What is going on here?
    First Claudius's brother now Jadia's dad? Chastanet seems to be good at recruiting people away from their Labour family. Who is next? Labour MP spouses? Kenny's nephew or niece? They havent got a Choiseul candidate yet...lets see who they get.


  16. If Saint Lucians were not so darn stupidly parochial, others from around the island would have contemplated giving the country better representation in constituencies where they were not born. I am not impressed with both sets of new candidates from either of the major parties. Some of the old ones are themselves shoe-ins. None is above average. In the complex world that we live in, we insist on sending little girls and little boys to do women's and men's work in the Lower House.
    We will never learn! Some more 'better days' will be our reward for being a nation teeming with perpetual jackasses and run by unsophisticated and limited country bucks.


  17. Jadia must be laughing her red high heels off. I am strong UWP born and raised but I voting labour. Labour is dining a very bad job running the country but what UWP is offering is shit. I do not like Kenny but I rather eat dry bread under labour than eat the shit UWP have to offer. The guys taking all labour regects and bring to us.


  18. Are we sure he is a real support of the uwp or is he just there for his pocket, to hit and run or a setup. All them men enter for a reason other than to serve and do right for the plp


  19. classic case of wanting personal gain, you have just joined the ranks of a large number of ex-labour now turned flambeau supporters/candidates who have changed sides because the pockets were not being lined enough!! you already didn't support your daughter as a child at least show some support for her as an adult!! smh!!


    • Well if he didn't support her at least she is carrying his name and she got married and still carried it. You on the other hand that's if u know your father name


    • Ignorance at its worst. The man has freedom of choice to support any party he desires. It has nothing to do with what his daughter does.




    • Have you ever been to a store to buy an item, when you reach by the shelve there are many different brand and you are having a problem deciding on one, because they are all good. What would you do it the store announces that it won't be attending to customers in the next 2 minutes. Wouldn't you -*just pick one. There are candidates and we believe we have enough time to select. Kenny cannot call the election now because his polls are saying that he is loosing.


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