Jn Pierre family remains united despite political differences

Jn Pierre family remains united despite political differences
Francisco Jn Pierre (right) and daughter Jadia Jn Pierre
Francisco Jn Pierre (right) and daughter Jadia Jn Pierre
Francisco Jn Pierre (right) and daughter Jadia Jn Pierre

United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Laborie has made it clear that there will be no feud over politics, with his daughter Jadia Jn Pierre, who is press secretary to the prime minister.

Jn Pierre has said that his daughter has a right to choose whichever party she wants to support and likewise he will chose whichever party he wishes to represent.

The UWP candidate said he knows of instances where many families support different political parties and they work and live peacefully among themselves and this is what he hopes will happen.

But Jn Pierre admitted that his daughter’s support for the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) may have come from her upbringing, because he too was at one time a strong supporter of the SLP.

The former president of the Southern Taxi Association has also expressed confidence in being able to secure a win for the UWP at the next elections and being able to create history in Saint Lucia.

Francisco Jn Pierre was selected as a candidate on Thursday evening (December 11) following a run-off.

Party leader Allen Chastanet described Jn Pierre as someone who is committed to the people of Saint Lucia.

When contacted for a comment on Sunday, December 13, the press secretary said she is currently on sick leave and is not in the best position to speak on the issue right away.


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  1. Two conniving shysters. That is the long and short of it all. They are playing a huge political game right out there in the open. Those who have eyes, let them see.


  2. Jones December 13, 2015 at 5:07 PM

    My father says "So kiddie, so the goat" and "The fruit does not fall far from the tree." Make your choice. C'est la meme chose. The more things change in Saint Lucia, the more they remain the same.

    People should continue to make do as they try eking out a living in these better days and ignore all such dysfunctional families and relationships. What they do is their darn business. A dog is just a very grown puppy, be it red, yellow, white, black or even an adored mutt or mongrel.

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  3. Malcolm,
    I find your remarks sensible as it relates to the angle of approach. There are other angles or perspectives that others will certainly pursue.
    However, I think there is other relevant information that you may not be aware of that would have probably help slant your remarks slightly.
    Reports are that Mr. Jn. Pierre and his daughter in the main have not had a healthy father/daughter relationship and therefore, his recent political moves could be a delinquent father's psychological response to his offspring's fame. This line of thinking is borne out by Mr. Jn. Pierre's staunch support for SLP even when Velon John ran the seat. Velon John was the very worst District Representative for Laborie if not the entire country in history; he allegedly violated all know political norms, ethics, morality and trust, and yes Mr. Jn. Pierre was his staunch supporter.
    This is the first time that Laborie has had such effective representation and yet he has issues that warrants him opposing Alva. Mr. Jn. Pierre is not delusional and knows he cannot defeat Alva (If I read the situation properly, this will be the largest defeat for a UWP candidate in the history of General Election in the constituency). To my mind if he really cared for the people of the constituency and wanted to effectuate positive change, he would have challenged Labour during the appalling time of Velon John.
    Having said the above, it is his right to put his hat in the ring for whatever party he chooses, whatever the reason.


  4. All i seeing on here is a bunch of idiots who aint from laborie that dont know francisco......insignificant is the first word that comes to mind when we laborians think of jn pierre.


  5. "When contacted for a comment on Sunday, December 13, the press secretary said she is currently on sick leave and is not in the best position to speak on the issue right away" - See more at: https://www.stlucianewsonline.com/jn-pierre-family-remains-united-despite-political-differences/#sthash.PSlkphcs.dpuf

    --She literally got sick to her stomach when her dad chose the other side! lol.

    But In all seriousness, persons are allowed to choose whatever political affiliations they desire despite who are their family. We all seem to forget that Hon. Julian Hunte and Sir John Compton were brothers-on-law. Compton was at one time a member of Labour and jumped ship to create the UWP. He stood against the status quo and formed his own party. It's admirable when someone can chose their own path despite the expectations of the masses. I am not saying I know Mr Jn Pierre's exact motive for leaving Labour to become a UWP candidate. However, he has the right to chose his party and we shouldn't judge him for it. As a registered voter of Laborie, I am interested in his policies are and not who is his daughter. How many of those quarrelling on this forum are registered to vote or intending to vote. How many of you are seeking a candidate with values or running on a moral platform. Some of you will vote party, some for the loudest candidate and others for whoever will put a $100 in a tshirt for you. How many of us will vote based on principles?

    Maybe Jn Pierre can make history by being elected for his policies and not his party. Maybe he is just delusional if he thinks he can swing a Labour stronghold, but the fact is the UWP needed a candidate and he was brave enough to stand up.

    Last elections I didn't vote because both candidates were jokers - Watcha was a joker thinking he could unseat Alva by acting like a drunk fool. Alva has always been a joker. Lets see if this man can change my mind.


  6. St. Lucians...educated or not are generally unable to think for themselves.

    Simon says jump!


    • They are unable to think for themselves? Are you for real? Some of the most educated in the region hail from St. Lucia. Another negative foreigner and if you are St. Lucian, you should be ashamed of yourself.


  7. Amazing. While these politicians are busy setting up themselves and families... We the idiots are busy bickering uselessly. Labour and flambeau making fools out of all of us


    • Therefore, we jackasses must stop voting jackass party candidates. We must get a coalition of smart people to take this godforsaken country out of the mess created by career politicians. They have almost to a man or woman, told us and in no uncertain terms, in BOTH PARTIES, that they will do NOTHING that even looks like committing political suicide.

      Only jackasses vote for parties in today's world. Look all around the world, especially in Western Europe, and "MotherCountry", England.

      Every time you scream like a blasted idiot "en rouge" and "flambeau" they are looking down on you with utter pity, saying something like "Look at those idiots, I can't believe that we are getting away with that."


  8. What does this have to do with any of us? Ppl switch parties all the time. Sir John was the father of UWP and His daughter switched due to personal circumstances. We have two Mondesir brothers in UWP who refuse to see eye to eye but they are on the same side. Party has no say in how you choose to treat family, it is what has already been rooted in your heart towards that other person. We are supposed to be more civil than that.


  9. I don’t know what all the fuss is about this Jadia Jn.Pierre person. This is a person who obviously had no regard for her parents by getting pregnant at an early age. We all make mistakes, I agree but do not come here with your self-righteous self trying to look down and judge others. This is a young woman with zero regard for family values, who didn’t care one iota that her parents were making sacrifices to send her to school. For all you know she was the one who caused the discord in the family unit, for those who say the father and mother had issues. Don’t judge the man because this girl obviously was no saint either. And please do not tell me it’s because daddy was not around because if that is the case we should have a higher teenage pregnancy rate in this country. Jadia can disrespect and insult the tax payers who foot her medical bill, on SLAP because she has zero regard for anyone else but herself just as she had zero regards for her parents as a teenager. Leave the man alone! Mr Jn. Pierre you have every right to run where you please!


    • "Don’t judge the man." You are asking others not to judge the man yet you can judge Jadia. You have said so much about her in your trumpery yet you are asking others not to judge. So who are you to judge? Jadia's sojourn into young motherhood has absolutely nothing to do with you or anyone for that matter - not unless you are the one responsible. Everyone makes mistakes and she is no exception. It takes two to tango as they say and she was not the only one responsible for bringing a child into the world. She is happily married. Why do people like you and the others in this forum rake up the past? The past is the past. We need to put it behind us and move on. You cannot undo your past. The most formidable weapon against errors of every kind is the reason.

      Despite the circumstances, Jadia has done well and she needs to be applauded for all the hard work she undertook to get to where she is now. She is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to many of St Lucia's young women. She is a beacon of hope to many and one of the Caribbean's finest press spokespersons. You Go Jadia!!!!


      • oh get lost you confused piece of crap...Haitian - Lucian Berlin- Germany whatever my ass! She has every right to be judged because she insults and degrades those who she considers a lesser person than her!


    • I am no fan of hers, but I personally never got the impression that she is a self proclaimed righteous person by speaking to her. On another note there are many teenage mothers who pushed themselves out of poverty by not accepting the negatives of naysayers. Most times a community only expects a young woman to fail when she conceives while at school, while calling her names instead of providing encouragement. When such a young woman excels, they are the first to say "I'm proud of you, look at where you come from to where you are now" but that pride quickly turns into "She thinks she's better than everyone, if only you know where she comes from".

      We also fail to realise that sometimes we must find the humble person within ourselves first before judging the past of others.


    • Dysfunctional,
      You are simply distasteful. In what part of the universe do you live? How could a sane person blame a child/young teenager for early pregnancy and in the process absolve the ones directly culpable for this social and moral sin, the parents including her father? I hope it is not partisan politics that is responsible for your blindness.